Today’s Episode: 👍  Is your online marketing a picture of chaos or is it a well-oiled machine?


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Ep 164 of  Business Growth School for service providers

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Marketing is about making sure all the channels, mediums, people and other communication initiatives are aligning well with the end goal.


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We’av seen alot of businesses approach marketing in a hap hazard way. They don’t plan and they are executing it on a day to day basis, which never builds momentum and they are not sure about core goals behind doing all those things in the first place.

It’s common to hear that because everyone was on Instagram so we also start using Instagram or everyone started a podcast we did the same thing. Or our competition is doing it so we will do it as well. Plan and strategize before you even touch anything when it comes to execution.

Because you can keep on executing without any proper strategy which will be waste of time, energy and money.




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