Search engines play a very big role in a customer’s research and awareness phase. Almost up to 70% of customers use search engines for their research. This is why it is important that your dealership website appears on the results. However, jumping and pushing up your dealership website can be done through effective SEO techniques. 75% of users never click past the first page of a search engine, so you need to be on the top results.

Have Good Link Building

Links play a big role in showing that your web site is a good quality one. Links come in the form of hyperlinks, internal linking and external linking. A link analysis will reveal broken and poor links. The links on your website should not be broken. Many website are found to have links which lead the visitor to a spam site.

One common reason why you may have bad links is because you are focusing on quantity and not quality.

Good link building just shows how well-connected your auto site is with the rest of the internet.

Long Tail Keywords

Stop focusing on short keywords and shift focus on long tail ones. Last year, Google’s Hummingbird update phased out short keywords even more. Today, there is a bigger focus on understanding the query. Your long-tail keywords should target similar questions a prospective will type into to find your article. For example, if the page name is ‘Best economical vehicles for 2014’, you should come up  with long-tail keywords like Top budget vehicles in 2014, Most affordable cars in 2014 or 2014 fuel efficient cars.

Go Local

Why target the whole nation when your business is local and located only in a particular town? 74% of shoppers have their current location on when searching for a query. Directing your marketing efforts to only those who are in your town results in getting more traffic which can be converted.

The best way to get your SEO local is to get onto Google+. This ensures that your dealership gets indexed by Google and shows up on its map. Additionally, you should create profiles on review sites like Yelp. Also, customize your content for the town you are in. The content you come up with should be focussed on events and places of that area.

Good Content 

Ultimately, content is one of the most important factors when it comes to SEO. Google has frequently been updating itself to recognize good content. This is one reason why having a blog and connecting it with your website is so important.  So what is good content?

–        Easy to read and engaging for your readers

–        Answering the queries of customers

–        Content which has a good number of hyperlinks

–        Content which is posted regularly (that is why your blog needs to be updated often)

–         Content that makes people want to share it around.

Focus on Organic SEO

All of the above points focus on organic SEO. Using ads is a temporary solution to boost your SEO, but it may not necessarily work. In fact, 77% of customers prefer clicking on organic results than the ad that comes on top. 



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