Return on Investment! How will you measure success ? How it will directly increase my top and bottom line?

Agency should be able to give you very clear numbers and ideas as to how success will look like. Agency should understand your business in and out, then only they can make a successful strategy.

Reports and Sales data should be able to prove the results, and you can hold people accountable. There are various tools out there which can pull data from Social Media and Online Searches to give you clear data broken down for your better understanding.

Integrated and consistent brand message. How can you define success when creating campaigns?

Multiple agencies with different creative visions see your business differently. Success can only be defined in one way and that is the heath of the business. Successful campaigns create RAVING FANS not just customers. Successful campaigns should make you # 1 in your niche, and that’s what we believe at Rapid Boost Marketing.

MY BRAND! How well do you understand my brand and vision ?

Direction is a very important and as well as communication between the businesses and the agency. Agency should truly understand 5/10 year plan to understand the vision and direction of the company. How well your agency do in making you the leader of your industry who customers cannot.

Whenever agencies creative abilities align well with your business goals, brand values, positioning, and target demographics then the result is amazing campaigns with great results.

You are the Expert. So what’s next trend and where should I spend most of my money?

Money can go down the drain very quickly if you are not keeping up with the trends. Strategists should be able to answer this question as to in next 6 months or a year or 5 years where you will be spending your money, so you plan and budget accordingly. This way you are proactive then your competition and ready for any trend changes.

Goals! What we will achieve at the end of the campaign?

Very clear idea about the outcomes of the campaign is very necessary as you don’t want to spend without any idea of what results you will be getting. Goals should be discussed and small milestones should be set, this way you are well aligned with what agency is doing. Also, goals are important so you can plan for the future marketing initiatives.