As an HR firm, you have two sets of audiences: candidates and employers. While you may stick to the traditional HR platform, which is recruitment websites like Monster, appearing on a search result can have certain advantages. Whether it is candidates or employers, they are using search engines.

Hence, the most effective way of getting your HR website to appear on a search result is through search engine marketing or SEM. SEM refers to using advertisements to appear on the search results.

SEM for HR firms can help your business grow in terms of increasing your candidate pool and growing your number of clients. So, how can you start SEM for your HR firm?

Create an AdWord Account

Google AdWords

Considering that Google holds 65% of the search engine traffic, you want to conduct search engine marketing on Google. To do this, you need an AdWord Account. There are two requirements necessary to create your AdWord Account.

  1. A website

  2. An email address

Conduct Keyword Research

To launch an advertisement on Google, you need to feed Google various search queries and tell the platform to show the advertisements on those specific keyword searches. While this may sound easy, it is not.

You need to find keywords that your audience is searching for. It’s a grave mistake to assume. Good keyword research will tell you exactly what your audience is searching for on Google.

Here’s how you can conduct Keyword Research for your SEM campaign.

Keyword Planner

The Keyword Planner tool offers you keyword suggestion to use you in your SEM campaign.

Keyword Planner

Insert your website link into Keyword Planner.

Keyword Planner will analyse your website and present various suggestions to you.

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Additionally, the keyword tool also tells you the number of searches and the estimated cost for the keyword.

You are now aware of search queries being done by your audience.

Keyword Tools

Apart from Keyword Planner, you can also access other keyword tools to conduct further assessment. and  SERP’s Keyword Tool are recommended.

Google Search

Using Google itself will give you interesting insights into which keywords to pick.

  • Google Prompt: Begin typing in a keyword phrase and see what suggestions Google gives you.

  • Related Searches:
    Once you conduct a search, Google will at times, present you various keyword suggestions at the bottom of the page.

Google gives these suggestions by assessing the habits and search queries conducted by users.

Select the Right Keyword

Now that you have a list of keywords that are being searched by your audience, you must select keywords which lead to the conversion of the audience. To do this, you must select search queries where the user is actively searching to hire an HR firm.

How do you do this? You must understand the user’s intention when using the keyword in the search.

For example, what is the intention behind the search query: “recruitment solutions agency”. First, understand who may be searching for such information. The user could be a candidate or an employer. A candidate may be searching for a recruitment agency because he wants better job opportunities. An employer may search for this term because he wants to be aware of recruitment agency options in the market.

When it comes to selecting the right keyword, you want to pick a keyword that has the intention of someone who immediately wants to hire an HR firm.

Here’s another example, the search query is “best hr companies for candidates”. The user is obviously a candidate, his intention is that he wishes to submit his resume to the recruitment firm to get hired.

  • Assess the keyword

  • Understand who is the searcher

  • Analyse the intention behind the search

Set the Geography

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Chances are that your HR firm offers services only to a particular geographic area. Google AdWords allows you to limit your campaign to users within this specific area. For example, if you only want users in Alberta to see your ad, it can be done so. You want to ensure cost-efficiency of the ad, and if a user outside Alberta clicks on it, you lose money.

Bidding and Budget

You have several settings when it comes to selecting the bids.

Bid Strategies

There are quite a few, I’ll focus on the important ones you should be aware of.

  • Maximize clicks: If you want a maximum number of clicks and traffic to your website, this is the correct bidding option.

  • Target search page location: Target search page locations helps your ad show on the first page of the select search queries/keywords.

  • Manual CPC: Manual CPC is only recommended to those who are well-versed with using Google AdWords. If you wish to set a fixed bidding figure, opt for Enhanced CPC.

Apart from bidding, you can also set a campaign budget. This way, the SEM campaign does not extend beyond how much you can afford.

Conversion Rate Optimization 101 (CRO)

Writing the Ad

All of the above points deal in setting up the campaign – BUT – you can’t set up the campaign if you don’t have an ad.

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What makes a good ad?

  • Keyword inclusion

  • Informs the reader about the service

  • Compels them to click on the ad

Keyword Inclusion

The ads that you write need to include the keywords you are bidding for. It helps tell Google that your ad is relevant to the specific search query.

Provides Information

Information on a Google ad needs to be told in a straightforward manner. The reader should simply understand it.

Compels them to Click

The purpose of the ad is for them to click on it. How can you do that? Don’t just give them information, make your reader an offer.

Landing Page

When your audience clicks on the ad, they will be directed to a landing page. The landing page is critical for your ad to be successful.

  • The landing page title should contain a keyword from your SEM campaign

  • The content within the landing page should contain keywords

Doing these two things will in turn help improve the quality score the advertisement.

Refine Everything

Everything mentioned above: Keywords, Geography, Bidding, Ad Copy, and Landing page can be refined as your campaign progresses. As your SEM campaign runs, you can check the analytics and see:

  • Which keywords are getting your more clicks and traffic

  • Which geographic area is giving you more clicks

  • Which bidding strategy gets you more traffic

According to the data, you modify your campaign to ensure you meet your objectives.

Managing SEM for HR firms can be challenging. It requires constant attention and can take time away from daily operations. If you are facing such a challenge, you should consider taking the help of a professional marketing firm. We will be able to manage the SEM campaign and ensure it meets any objectives that you out. Since we are experienced, we won’t make the common PPC mistakes.

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