The internet scene is pretty much already dominated by big players. This holds true more so for the niche markets. The competitors have their websites well entrenched in the online world and it can take tremendous effort to beat them and rise up the SEO rank. These are generally websites that come up with high quality content that is relevant to their search audience. This combo of high quality and relevant content makes them extremely tough competition to top over in a search result.

Let’s take an example. Assume you wish to open a burger store in Edmonton and leverage your website to create awareness.

burgers in edmonton

A query of ‘Burgers in Edmonton

A Google search tells me that this search query is dominated by websites likes Urbanspoon and Yelp that offer good and relevant content.

For a new business and website on the scene, you can’t hope to compete with these websites to come out on the top SEO result. Using the traditionally SEO methods, like keyword optimization, link building, good website design, etc, you can slowly improve your SEO rank. However, this process will take a few months and it will take some time before your website even appears on the first page of the search result.

So, what can you do?


It’s recommended that you opt for the traditional form of SEO and build your website and rank from ground up. However, if you are looking for a quick way to rise up the SEO ranks, acquisition could be the option for you.

Here’s what it involves.

– You inherit the link and domain authority.

– The acquired website content becomes part of your website.

– The domain’s SEO ranking will migrate to your website.

– There is a high chance that the domain’s audience base will transfer onto your site.

– Any third party features like mailing options from the domain will be transfer to your website.

Get it Done

The first step is to identify a website that you can acquisition. You can do this through two ways.

Use a website bidding site such as Flippa: Theadvantage is that the domain owner is looking to sell. However, because it is on an auction site, the cost could be expensive due to the bidding system.

Find a website on the web and approach them with an offer: Since there is no competition with this option, you can get it at an affordable price.

To make acquisition succeed for your SEO, the key is to pick the right website. Here are the criteria to keep in mind.


The content is going to need to be relevant to your website in some manner. Especially, take a look at the keywords and check if they are related.

Same CMS

A website that is built on the same CMS as your website makes it relatively easy to import content without getting down and dirty with website codes.

High SEO rank

The biggest measure is that the website has to have a high SEO rank and receive a large part of its traffic from search engines. You can utilize an SEO tool to check this out.

This should be enough to get you started. In the next blog post, I’ll get more into the technical details of how you can leverage website acquisition to improve your SEO rank.