Blogging is one of the most popular ways to have a page on the internet. However, time and again, companies have failed to realise that they cannot just copy paste their printed article on to their blogs. Internet users have a substantially lesser attention span. The language they want to read needs to be less formal and technical on the internet. So the blogs cannot be too long. You cannot fail to ignore such points.

So how do you create content for a good blog?

Picking a Topic

Like always, you need to pick a topic that will interest your readers. Here are a few guidelines in picking a topic.

–          Pick something that they can relate to or they may have experienced.

–          Google your topic before you type it out. There may already be plenty of blogs about it.

–          Write on an interesting experience you had. Since you had a first-hand experience, you could write it very well and let your readers in on it.

–          Find out what your audience wants to know, what information they want to be made aware of.

–          Write on a topic that is popular. Use Google Analytics to find out the trending topics.

–          Pick a topic which is not directly related to your business. If you have a clothing store, you don’t want to write about the new fashion-wear you got. Instead, write a story on the creation of it or who’s wearing it.

These are very broad and general guidelines. It depends on the type of blog you are starting, whether it is a business or a personal one.

Writing the blog

There are many ways you can decide to write the blog.

–          Style: Decide on a style. Blogging gives you a lot of freedom with writing. You don’t necessarily have to stick to a formal language. You can write in a first person, in a conversational lingo or a semi formal style. If you are writing a technical and informative article, break it down into points so your readers absorb it easily.

–          Tone: Your writing needs to be friendly. Even if you are writing an informative blog, you need to be welcoming towards your audience.

–          Avoid Jargon: Make it easy to read, don’t clutter your blog with jargon. Keep the language simple to understand so that your audience can read swiftly.

–          Length: Do not have a blog over 500 words. Long articles tend to test the patience of the readers. If you do have a blog article over 500 words, try to cut it down or publish it in parts.

–          Visual Appeal: You don’t have to make your blog wordy. Add some pictures or upload a video. Experiment with fonts, design and other elements and explore how you can make it visually appealing.

Call to Action

When you are a business, blogging is a means to an end and that is to get customers to your outlet, get them to purchase your services and boost sales. So at the end of every article you must call your readers to act.

The call to action must be reasonable, something your readers can do without much effort. Express yourself clearly, there is no need to use sly language, if you want them to drop by your store, then say so! Nothing works better than incentives – if you can, have an offer.

There is so much you can do with blogging. There are no guidebooks or rules to it. Start it and explore the possibilities yourself!