You would have noticed that a lot of websites, in addition to the usual pages of about, services, etc have a Blog page. A blog is a much smaller version of a website and much easier to handle. While you can spend, set up and own your blog site, there are many blogging platforms on which you can set up your blog for free. Google Blogspot and WordPress are two most popular one which you’ve probably heard of. You may already have a website set up, so you may be asking – Why should you set a blog page?

Content is King

A blog will push you to write more regularly. Unlike your website, you will have to keep an active blog page. The advantage is the freedom that comes with blogging. If your website is too bogged down with a formal tone, you can completely change it to an informal one, writing the way you want. This will also help you open up to a new market and not just stick to a B2B one or a B2C one. The content you write will not only prove you are an expert in your particular sector, but over a variety of areas also. In turn, you are building trust with your readers who may eventually turn into customers.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Setting up a blog increases your brand’s presence on the internet and improve your brand’s ranking on search engines. The fact that your blog is going to have good quality content and have posts up regularly means it will be a great boon for your brand. Once a search engine determines that your content is good and relevant to readers, your ratings will improve. These higher rankings mean that potential customers have a greater chance of finding your brand and turning into customers.

Stay Fresh on Search Engines

Since a blog is hosted through a CMS, whenever you upload new content, a ping is sent to the search engines.

Broader Topic

Unlike your website, your blog does not have to stick to the narrow topic of your brand. You can branch out and write on all possible topics as long as there is a connecting factor to your brand. You can bring out a variety of topics which will be interesting and helpful to your reader. If you want your brand to take a stand on political or social issues, you can do that without worrying about any fallback. Blogging is about giving your brand a voice.

Entering the Blogging World

Once you join WordPresss or Blogspot, you are entering another world on the internet. This is a great way to get access to bloggers and make your brand presences known. You can subscribe to blog sites that you find interesting. Whenever you wish to comment on a blog post or jump into a blog discussion, you can do so under your blog name.

Eventually, your blog will increase your sales because you are spreading out your brand name and making people aware of it. If your blog is integrated or linked to your website, don’t be surprised if traffic increases on your website.