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Yesterday’s Episode # 136 Secret Behind Most Profitable Online Marketing Campaigns

Episode # 137 Why you should have a very clear value proposition:

Visitors care about one thing: how your service benefits them, so make sure you clearly state the benefits upfront. Features are important as well, but outlining how your service will help them or solve their problem is even more so.

Tell potential buyers what is special about your service. How it’s different than other service providers on the market and how it will help them solve a problem.

Give your visitors a reason to continue reading your sales page right away by showcasing the greatest advantage and the biggest benefit to the offer you are promoting.


7 Step Process: 

1: Is there a specific demographic or industry that are best suited for your services and offerings?

2: Is it a complete solution or DIY or a point product?

3: Is this a complex sale that involves an approver, decision maker, recommender and influencer?

4: Will this be sold by a direct sales, insides sales, online sales or indirect channel?

5: Is this a new market where focus is on early adopters or a mature market?

6: What is the average selling price and the average sales cycle?

7: What alternates your potential clients have? and how your service is different from them?


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