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It’s a sad fact that theΒ 50% of content created goes unread. You don’t want to get lost in soo much content which is generated on daily basis. There are app. 1440 minutes in a given day:

5.8 billion daily Google Searches in 2017.
1,209,600 new social media users each day are added.
659 million tweets per day are posted
More than 4 million hours of content uploaded to Youtube every day, with users watching 5.97 billion hours of Youtube videos each day.
68,305,600 Instagram posts uploaded each day
4.4billion Facebook messages posted daily!
5.79 billion Facebook likes every day.
23 billion texts sent every day.

EECU formula makes your content addictive = More traffic = Search engines love your content

If your content doesn’t follow EECU formula, you will not be seen. Because search engines are now following user behavior to analyze which websites provide good content and where people stay the most + keep coming back.

We applied this formula to go from 10k in monthly traffic toΒ 32k in monthly unique visitors (Without using paid advertising)

These 4 things of the puzzle make any content marketing strategy explode. Here is how we went from 10k to around 30k in monthly traffic within 4-5 months and now plan to hit 100k a month by December 2018. Be authentic and add value to the conversation by being in-depth and writing with an intention that it will help the person who is reading it to make a decision or choice.



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To make your content super addictive you need to apply EECU formula:

  • Entertainment value / Enjoyable
  • Educational value
  • Curiosity value / Boredom kills copy. Addictive articles use β€˜seeds of curiosity.’
  • Ultra-practical / actionable / not confusing


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If your content doesn’t follow EECU formula, you will not be seen.





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