How many times have you seen an executive being snubbed for proposing something simple yet effective? If you are working from Edmonton, but posting ads and content more suitable for Calgary, you just missed your mark by about 298 km! Even if you are a franchise or a conglomerate, you will need the local customers. If you want to sell local, then link local.

You may have a carefully thought-out SEO campaign with some intricate and earth shattering Facebook updates, but there is a chance that the campaign may crash and burn before take-off.

Blog content is a perfect vehicle to connect with local customers and stay a step ahead of the competition.

Here are a few tips and tricks you must (yes, not can, must!) use to be wise and localize your blogs.


Identify your local search queries

If, at this stage, we need you to explain the importance of keywords, both normal and long-tailed, then you better handover your marketing activities to a professional. If you can correctly identify the keywords used by locals and potential customers, your site will be right before them.

Look at what type of searches they are making, the kind of information they seek and the questions they ask. Optimize your content according to that and go pro in SEO. This will give you an edge over your customers.

Localize your product

If you are offering plumbing services in Edmonton, a blog post describing some plumbing do-it-yourself’s may be a good bet. But if you want to leverage on keywords like ‘plumbers in Edmonton’, the post must be associate plumbers and Edmonton. This will help you with longtail searches and generalize your content even further.


Do not overdo the keywords by throwing in too many. This will sound both stupid and will bore the customer to death. There are chances even the all-seeing eye of the omniscient Google may notice it as keyword stuffing and award your site a penalty.


Your marketing mix may have a budget of advertising or sponsorships. Why not derive some more benefits from this expense than just gaining visibility? If you are sponsoring a minor league or even if you are one of the big fish spending on the majors, make sure your customers know about it.

No need to appoint a town crier wearing fancy clothes for that. Post pictures, pieces and news about those events online. Focus on keywords. Make sure your content is too good to be avoided.

Seasons change, People change and so do keywords.


The demand patterns depend upon many factors. Changing seasons is one of them. If you have a heating and ventilation control business, you may face many demands according to the season. In summer, people may want their air conditions repaired. While in winter, they may want their furnaces cleaned out. Optimize your content in that way and develop keyword related content.


Be an active part of the community. If the locals are supporting a legislation or putting up some genuine demands, which are correct (like a bike path or so, nothing controversial), come out in their support. Do this under your business’s banner. Enhanced visibility will lead to more traffic coming in.

If there is a health and safety week or a road safety week or any such communal activity being held, don’t precipitate, participate.

Sharing is Caring

If Franklin D. Roosevelt were alive, he wouldn’t make those big speeches. He would simply tweet.

Have a shield made up of such social media icons ready on your blog. Display it prominently and make sure IT IS SHAREABLE!!! A person finding some useful information on your blog may not wait to go thumb crazy and your blog will be there on hundreds of timelines within a minute. Encourage the reader to share your write up at the end of the blog. This little nudge for the reader may be a giant leap for SEO.

All done and dusted, you will have a lot of people coming to your (brick and mortar) store. Make sure you don’t belie your claims made on social media.

And finally, make sure your blog is clean, easily accessible and not too cluttered.