Social media is constantly evolving and today it is interacting in our lives in ways not imagined before. When you are organizing a business conference or a company event, there are ways to connect it with social media. Creating this connection not only creates an awareness and buzz about the event, but gets more people to attend it also.

With the power of smart phones on social media, more avenues are opened up to you; such as having real time activities and updates on a social media platform. Social media is an already successful medium for organisers. At least 84% of event organisers use Facebook for promotions.

Here’s a quick list of the things you can do with social media for your event.


Most online platforms allow you create an event and get people to register for it. This way you find out who all are attending the event. Also, once they register, those on their friend’s list will become aware of their activity; invertedly spreading the news of your event. Also, have reminders a few days before the event starts.

Create Anticipation

Start discussions and polls and wet your customers’ appetite. If it is an Award Event, have polls on who they expect to win. If it is a conference, you can start conversations on which ideas would be presented and whose session your customers are looking most forward to.


With every online post, add a hashtag along with it. This will encourage all your attendees to utilise your hashtags and you can keep track of everyone who talks about your event on the social media platform. Also, hashtagging is a great way to give another name to your event and helping in the over branding. For example, a common hashtag during the Oscar season is #oscarfever.

Signing In

At the event location, have posters getting people to sign into the location through their social media profile. Get a Foursquare event in place, so attendees can interlink their social profiles to it.

Going Live

The best way to integrate social media during the event is to go live. Every half an hour (even better if you can manage every 15 minutes), post updates, short videos and pictures up. This is a fantastic way not only to interact with those who are missing out on the event, but those who are currently attending it.

Video Streaming

If you are not hindered by any legal issues, you should consider doing live streaming of event. If not the whole event, at least 5 minutes at various intervals.

Pushing Interaction

If at first the social media interaction in online discussions or conversations is not as active as you wished, consider offering rewards to your attendees for social media interaction. Sometimes people just need incentives. These rewards could be free passes, giving prices during the live event or meeting an event guest personally.

Getting Feedback

Once the event is over, it is important you gather feedback from your attendees. Find out through discussion what they liked or disliked about the event. Monitoring online conversation is an awesome way to know what you can improve on!