While you are trying to rise up the SEO rank and get your links onto the first page of search results, you can start with paid marketing search. Paid search marketing allows you to appear as an ad using various keyword combinations. If your ads are not getting featured enough, users aren’t clicking on it, or your visitors just fail to convert, then you’re wasting money on your online paid marketing campaign.

Here’s how you can stop making mistakes and get your paid search marketing on track.

Have the Keyword Groupings

When you run two or three PPC campaigns, you need to create keyword groupings. The most basic example would be if you are running a campaign for your product and content. Instead of segmenting your PPC ads into groups based around similar keywords, you would have grouped all of the keywords into one ad group. This is wrong.

The result is that both your two ad campaigns will crisscross over. Users who are searching for content will see your product ad and those who search for products will see your content ad.They are not going to click on your PPC ad.

By creating keywords groups with the right keywords, you make your multiple ad campaigns reach the correct audience.

Select the Right Keyword Match

You have the option of three types of keyword matches:

Broad Match

Your ad will show regardless of the keyword order typed by the user.

Phrase Match

Your ad will appear only if the correct phrase is used in the query.

Exact Match

Your ad will appear when the user types in the exact keywords you set.

Find out what AdWords has to say about keyword match.

The right keyword match depends on what business you run and the objectives of your ad campaign. For example, a car dealership is a broad business that everyone uses. Broad match would be perfect for you. However, if you are a specialized business like diving gear, then you will want to use ‘diving gear’ as an exact match. If you decide to use ‘diving gear’ as a broad phrase, your ad can appear to users who are just interested in swimming.

Bid on Your Own Brand

Bidding on your own business name as a keyword is a superb way to push your branding forward. This is even if you are a small business and not well known. The fact is that as your business grows and you’re seen as a threat by your competitors, they will use your name as a keyword and attract customers.

By bidding your own name, you stay a step ahead of the competition.

Analytics do not Lie

There is plenty of creativity involved in building your own paid search campaign. The fact is that anything can work or not work. You have to keep trying keywords, keyword groupings and keyword matches. What works today, may not work tomorrow.

Analytics breaks everything down in numbers and tells you what parts of your PPC campaign work and what doesn’t.

Learn how you can de-code your SEO report and better optimize your SEO campaign.

With these tips, you will find that investing in paid search marketing was all worth it.



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