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2 Step Process

Step # 1: Control Third Party Assets

There are 2 ways to build trust, first one is on the third party mediums example: Google Reviews, Facebook, Yelp etc. and second way is on your own website using different strategies and techniques.


SEO Edmonton_fake reviews


Prospects are looking for you online. They’re going to:

Your Website

What will they find? What impression will you make?

Will you fail to make an impression at all?

Digital media is changing the way you build trust with others. Let’s for example pickup property management companies who are service providers. A local investor searches for a keyword and it shows them this result in Edmonton, Alberta:


reviews for property management companies


Average transaction for this industry is: ~$2,000-$2500 a year and if you consider lifetime value it can be upto ~$10,000. It’s not that hard for a local investor to just pick up the phone and call in this case Rental Advisors and there you go they got potentially a $10,000 client.

So, reviews on any third party platform are very very important!

Reviews impact your bottom-line, you could be an older company with better equipment, more human capital, better management etc. But if your first impression is off….you are out!! It’s like Tinder you get 15-30 second initial window to earn that trust. If you don’t then they wither choose your competitor or they go on to do further research.

Tools list to help you get reviews fast:

1: Get Five Stars

2: Review Generator Handout by Whitespark

3: Review Push

4: Rapid Reviews Generator


SEO Edmonton_Fake reviews


SEO Edmonton_Yelp reviews generator


Step # 2: Own Your Own Assets

Here you will own your website and turn into a trust generating machine. Here are few important things:

About Us Page

Have a solid about us page. This is the 2nd most visited page for service providers. Here are few tips to improve your about us page


Provide social proof via media logos

Partner logos build trust. Here is our example:

SEO Edmonton_Digital marketing



Provide social proof via client logos

Client logos build trust. Here is our example:


SEO Edmonton_Digital marketing and sales


Add testimonials

People want to know that other people have worked with you.


Provide case studies or White papers (Become that trusted information provider of your industry)

Don’t just rely on testimonials, for successful campaigns you’ve created with clients in the past, ask to turn their stories into case studies.


Try visuals real photos and video

A great way to give your customers a reason to trust you and get to know you without actually being in front of them is to record video


Money-Back Guarantee or Satisfaction Guarantee

Just in case a customer doesn’t like your service they receive, it’s a good idea to offer them in-store credit or some portion of the bill back


Secure Checkout

SSL certificate is a must now

trust logos


Boast About Key Numbers

Talk about numbers…Here is an example of Hubspot:



Social Share Count

One really simple form of social proof that you can display on your site is the raw number of social shares.

content fro sharing


Using Lost Aversion

“200+ small businesses use Rapid Boost.” Or you might see, what’s a good example? has something where they say, “92% of Fortune 500s use Box. Why aren’t you? You should give us a try.”


Non-existent Social Media Presence

Especially for businesses, being on social media is a must. It’s a way to talk to visitors and potential customers and have them talk back.


Some Tools To Help You Build Trust







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