Online content that you put up becomes the character of your website. It will be a way for you to interact with your customers and a way for you to sell your services or products to your customers. Your target audiences are very different from the conventional ones you are used to.  On the internet, customers not only want to know more about your company, but also management’s thoughts and opinions on industry norms and latest trends. At the same time, especially if you are a B2C house, your customers want your content to be fun and engaging.

Here are a few ways you can create fun and interactive content:

Speak to Reader: When you write, do not talk to a blank wall or the universe. Make sure that your content is addressed to the reader. Your reader is your main target audience. The reader should feel like he or she is directly spoken to. One way is to try and use common examples which a reader can connect to.

Active Words: One way to engross and speak to the reader is by using active voice in your article. Sentences with a passive voice often make your article dry, dull and boring to read.

Content Type: Unlike when you’re creating content on a piece of paper, content for your website is on the internet and does not solely have to be written content. You can post videos, pictures, infographics and more to engage with your readers. Your customers are not only looking to read, but also looking to be entertained with art.

Skimming: When it comes to informative content, a lot of your readers will want to give a quick skim through your content. You can enable maximum information exposure in minimum reading time in two ways.

–       You can write in points. This will break down information instead of clustering it together.

–       You can change the font. By playing with the font – making it bold, italic, changing the size – you can highlight the important points and terms.

Topics: Pick topics that readers will find useful and interesting, though the topics should be connected to your business. Again, make sure the content is reader focused.

Length: Readers on the internet love short content and rarely have patience. If it is an article, try to make sure it sticks around 500 words.

Style: Develop your own style which will grow on your readers so that eventually they will look forward to your content. Give your website its own special voice which your readers will love.

Comment Box: Have a comment box for your blog posts so that your readers can comment and give their views towards your content. Make sure the security setting is not high, so your readers can easily add their comments.

Connections: Add widgets to your content. This allows readers to like, share and promote your content through social media circles of Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more.

These few tips should be effective in making your content fun and interactive. Just remember – the internet is not a one way street, but a two way street, where readers want to reply back.