Jumping into the e-commerce world is no doubt challenging, but if you have done it, then you have taken your retail store to the next level. More and more customers are buying products online because it’s convenient. However, running an online e-commerce store is expensive and if you aren’t able to make sales and generate revenue, it can be difficult to maintain it.

Learning from what is already being done is an effective way to give your e-commerce business a boost and increase sales. Here’s what others are doing.

Sony: Improving the Checkout Sales Funnel

Sony identified that 39% of users abandoned their checkout process. Sony created an A/B test. One was the original funnel, while the other was a modified funnel that had short product descriptions and a short funnel. In addition to those changes, they also changed the term “configuration” to “components” and added a top seller tag to their popular products.

The result was that the variation B page performed with 20.6% more visitors, improving their checkout rate and sales.

Sony rightly guessed that many of their customers found that the product descriptions were not communicating the information crisply and the checkout funnel had too many processes.

REVOLVE: Increase sales from the Mobile app

More and more customers are turning to mobile apps to access an easy shopping experience. According to Grace Hong, VP of Product & Design for REVOLVE, “Mobile isn’t going away anytime soon, so being able to fine-tune and personalize the mobile experience is an ongoing challenge.”

Though REVOLVE launched their mobile app, they wished to increase its downloads and sales of their products on it. REVOLVE ran a test. On page A, they directed the users to a splash page with a soft promotion to download the app. On page B, they directed users to a splash page with aggressive promotions to download the app.

Source: https://blog.optimizely.com

Variation B, which was more aggressive, saw a jump of downloads by 350%. Additionally, using notification and special offers through the app, they were able to convert a significant number of users.

Burberry: Selling Luxury Online

The luxury environment has been slow to catch up to the web. The reason can be simply pointed out as ego. Luxury brands and stores believe that their buyers want to come to their physical store, feel the products and purchase it.

However, Burberry is a brand that is clearly not held back by such thoughts. Burberry set up a premium online store that listed all of their products that were available for purchase on the site.

The return on investment for Burberry is huge. While store footfalls fell, their digital sales outperformed expectations. Purchase through their mobile app doubled its share after an updated and smoother mobile platform app was launched.

All of this was in conjunction with an aggressive social media campaign across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Burberry is a good example of what a brand with the will and the budget can accomplish. It put its money in the right places to grow the online sales platform. At the same time, it ensured that it reached out to and made customers aware of their online products through social media platforms.

JOCO: Selling a Unique Product

JOCO cups is the perfect example how to sell a unique product online. JOCO sells online reusable cups. The challenge for JOCO cups is to introduce the product in the right perspective, considering that cups are not seen as a unique item. While presenting it as an environmental-friendly option could have been done, JOCO chose to present their cups as trendy, design-innovative, and for creative people.

Screenshot 2016-04-29 at 11.01.31 AM.png

If you are selling a unique product and are not the typical e-commerce online retailer, it is critical that you give your site visitors a good idea of how the product can be useful for them.

Harry’s: Minimal Still Works

Minimal design is a core ingredient of modern online design. However, most online e-commerce stores shy away from it, opting for a carousel-look to showcase their various products. Harry’s is a simple reminder of how captivating audiences can be with minimal design.

Screenshot 2016-04-29 at 11.14.11 AM.png

Even their content is bare minimal, sending only the necessary information that is required.

The good news for you is that online shopping is becoming an everyday part of users and fewer and fewer of them are walking into retail stores. For an online retailer, you need to market yourself right to increase your reach and sales.