As a non profit, you don’t have a lot of money to spare on an online marketing budget, but it’s good that you have one. If you don’t divert any of your sparse funds to a marketing budget, you’re not doing the right thing. To get some money, you need to give and invest some, and marketing is a very viable option. You may be sceptical of online marketing, but it can deliver on your money’s worth. It is a fantastic way to make people aware of your cause, your organization and get them to give donations. Here are a few ways to extract the best out of your online marketing and get your money’s worth.

Getting Leads

Capture information! Gathering contact details and information on your website’s visitors can be a great information. You can create a database of visitors to run an email marketing campaign

However, your visitors are not going to part with their information easily. They are not going to fill up the form that your website pops in front of them, unless you offer something in return. Offer information on all related topics to your cause. Reports, studies, articles, stories, etc, is the kind of information your visitor would be looking for.

Start Blogging

Online marketing does not involve only starting a website. Blogging is another platform you should have a presence on. Starting a blog is fantastic way to tell success and horror stories on your cause. It is another medium to reach out to your audience. People love personal stories and being a non profit puts you in a unique position to give that.

Storytelling through a blog is a good way to help your audience understand your cause and the work you’re trying to achieve. Never say that you have nothing to write on a blog. It has to be consistent so that you get a following and it is shared around.

Using Emails Correctly

It would be a mistake to use the email medium only as a way to ask for donations. Rather shift focus from donations to connecting your audience with the cause. You can use email camapigns to spread a weekly newsletter and frequently inform your audience of the work being done and the progress being made. Add links to your latest blog story.

Let your audience feel the plight of your situation. This gives them a chance to come forward to offer help or donate.

Don’t Forget Social Media

Don’t use an excuse like “Our donors or target audience are not on social media”. To leave out social media from your online marketing efforts would be a mistake. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media platforms all contain different audiences. There will be one which you can reach out to. Don’t complain that you don’t have time to put up posts. Start with one post a day. You can even put up pictures and videos to communicate the work being done.

The beauty of non profits is that you’re going to have passionate workers who strongly believe in the cause. Find writers, graphic designers, social media addicts and get them to direct their passion into your online marketing efforts.