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Colors & Leads: How Colors Impact # of Leads From Online Marketing Campaigns

 Color of a room can affect your mood. Red has been shown to raise blood pressure, increase speed of respiration and quicken heart rate. Blue, on the other hand, has the opposite effect: it reduces blood pressure, slows down respiration and reduces heart rate.

 This study, published on the Web site of the journal Science, researchers at the University of British Columbia conducted tests with 600 people to determine whether cognitive performance varied when people saw red or blue. Participants performed tasks with words or images displayed against red, blue or neutral backgrounds on computer screens.

Red groups did better on tests of recall and attention to detail, like remembering words or checking spelling and punctuation. Blue groups did better on tests requiring imagination, like inventing creative uses for a brick or creating toys from shapes.

A study on Olympic uniforms, anthropologists at Durham University in England found that evenly matched athletes in the 2004 Games who wore red in boxing, tae kwon do, Greco-Roman wrestling and freestyle wrestling defeated those wearing blue 60 percent of the time. Another study talking about significance of colors

Another study done by Hubspot in which they conclude that Red beats Blue in Call to Actions. 


color button

21% more people clicked on the red button than on the green button. Everything else on the pages was the same, so it was only the button color that made this difference. This was a much larger difference that I expected. 

Colors effect human behavior. There is a reason Emergency related companies have red color as it is associated with urgency and alertness. Similarly Green promotes growth & stability and similarly Law Firms usually use black which shows power and edge. Men and women both like different colors, women don’t like gray, orange, and brown. They like blue, purple, and green.

Similarly white color is one of my favorites, because white promotes cleanliness, virtue and simplicity. Using proper colors will enhance user experience and conversion.


Male & Females React Differently to Different Colors

colors in marketing


advertising for colors

Study: Gender Color Preferences


Let’s talk about what are 3 most important things on your website whose color affects your conversion rate:

Text Links: 

Text links are important. In this example pop-up text is in different color then the rest of the sentence.


SEO for Plumbing



Buttons & Call to Actions: 

Example we have shown here is They have 3 different call to actions in 3 different colors. Every call to action is very creatively placed to do a great job of drawing attention to the intended action the user should take – to download or buy the software.


Call to actions color needs to pop out and be very visible. A University of Toronto study on how people used Adobe Color CC revealed that most people preferred simple color combinations that relied on only two to three colors.

marketing colors



Headings & List Items:

When people are usually scrolling down they tend to ignore the text and mostly focus on headings or bullet points. Here is an example of Hostgator on how they have used different colors for buttlet points, headings and call to action button.


website conversion


Some tools to help you choose proper colors: 


Along with color, test your working, or the way it looks or add emoticons etc. Keep testing to increase and improve your conversion rate. Split-test everything from button shape, to wording, to color. There is always room for improvement!





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