Attract new patients to your clinic in 2018

Running an online advertising campaign is an effective way to gain new clients for your clinic and increase new patients. Growing your clinical business through organic means, such as search engine optimization, can be challenging.

It’s slow, requires persistence and has an extremely long sale funnel. On the other hand, a paid marketing campaign can boost your brand, without having to rely on organic growth; and at the same time, attract new customers and increase sales.

Considering that you are spending for the advertising campaign, you want to ensure that you get bang for your buck and actually generate sales. So, here are 5 tips to improve your clinical marketing campaign.

  1. Better Control of your Keyword Target

You don’t have as much control over the keyword targeting as you think.

For example: you may have selected several keywords for your campaign:

  • Health clinic 

  • Emergency care 

  • Family clinic 

  • Medical center 

Each of the keywords you have selected follows the iceberg format, since they are under the broad match type. This means Google is not just targeting ‘health clinic’ or ‘emergency care’ – it is targeting a range of keywords under the selected keywords.

  • Health clinic:

  • Emergency Care:

For every keyword you select, there can be as many as 10 – 100 other similar keyword phrases that are being targeted. And, herein lies the problem. The 100 other similar keyword phrases will not have the same conversion power as the targeted keyword.

This is why you must move your keyword strategy away from the broad match. You have 3 other keyword matching options apart from broach match:

  • +Broad +Match +Modifier: Your ad is only shown to close variations of keyword phrase

  • “Phrase Match”: Your ad is shown to search phrase with a close match

  • [Exact Match]: Your ad is shown for the exact keyword phrase and nothing else

By having better control of your keywords, you better optimize your keyword strategy and ensure that only those keywords which convert are targeted.

  1. Track the Metrics

Running an advertising campaign is not enough. You must constantly refine it to increase traffic, conversions and sales for your clinic.

There is a host of metrics you have access to, through the Adwords Dashboard and Google Analytics. You gain information regarding which keywords get maximum clicks, bounce rate, session duration, and conversion.

By gauging this data, you can assess:

  • Which keywords allow your ad to show on the first page?

  • Which keywords are giving you maximum clicks and traffic?

  • Which keywords are giving you maximum bounce rate?

  • Which keywords are leading to conversions?

Through this, you can make further adjustments to your ads.

  • If your ad is not appearing sufficiently, the copy and the landing page need to be changed to include the keywords better.

  • If a particular keyword is getting you maximum clicks, you need to leverage it more.

  • If a particular keyword is getting you high bounce rates, you need to remove it.

This is why it is crucial to track and analyze the data from your ad campaign.

  1. Crack the CTA Thermometer

Your marketing campaign criss-crosses across mediums (video, display, text ads, etc.) and platforms (social media, email marketing, search engines, etc.).

Not everyone comes to your clinical website with the same conversion intent. You can identify their conversion intent from the platform and medium.

For example, display and video ads will bring people with a cold conversion intent. They’re interested, but they will not be quick to convert. On the other hand, the search platform tends to have a warmer conversion intent.

Cracking the CTA thermometer essentially means that you identify which medium and platform brings you the warmest conversion intent.

  1. Sweet Spot for your Budget

There are two levels of budgeting for your ad campaign: micro budget and macro budget.

Micro Budget:

  • Daily budget

  • Max CPC/CPM

Macro Budget:

  • Monthly budget

  • Total Campaign budget

Between the micro and macro budget, you need to find that sweet spot which brings your campaign the maximum value. This requires a lot of trial and error. However, the benefit is that you get bang for your buck.

For example, if you discover that 20 clicks bring you a sufficient number of leads, then you adjust your budget to ensure you only get 20 clicks and not more.



  1. Refine the Copy

Your ad copy plays two crucial factors. 

  1. Keyword Optimize your Ad Copy 
    Quality Score is a rating given to your ads on Google Adwords. It affects the percentage served (how often your ad is shown in comparison to the competitor’s), average position (how your ad ranks in comparison to others), and if the ad appears on the first page.
    One of the most effective ways to improve the ad’s Quality Score is to have keywords implanted in the ad copy.

  2. Receive Clicks 
    The ad copy, which includes the headline and the description, has to convince the user to click on the ad. You do this by making an offer or providing information or a service. There are several tricks to writing good ad copy for Google, which we won’t cover in this post. Whatever the ad copy, you should give the user what they are searching for.

Running a marketing campaign for your clinic is a smart business move, however, you want to make certain that your ad is doing well. Utilize these tips to your benefit. You are spending money and hence, you need to ensure that every measure is taken to enhance your marketing campaign.