Blog mentions is similar to tagging on social media, but don’t get confused, it’s not the same. Blog mentions allow you to link blog references, user profiles and other pages to your blog post or even comments. Blog mentions can be created by writing it this way @unknown. Though blog mentions are obviously inspired from Facebook and Twitter tagging, it has really grown since the start of Google Plus.

Even on the internet, it is important to interconnect with each other. The best way is to exchange links between each other. The best way to do this is through blog mentions.


As a blogger, you should not only focus on your blog, but you should also read blogs which are related to your industry. If ever you have a comment or want to join in a discussion, you should do so under your brand name. This is a great way to get your brand name mentioned in a blog and makes people aware of your brand. In turn, communicating with others showcases your brand’s own expertise and knowledge. You could also comment as a regular user and mention your brand using the @yourbrand tag.

Writing Interesting and Helpful Blog Posts

Any blogger would know it is essential to write interesting and helpful blog posts. The last thing you want to do is have a blogging site which is extremely narrow and focussed just on your brand. A good thing to do is to expand your blogging topics to broad sector. It is important that you figure out who your target audience is and what are their concerns. Once you know this, you can write on topics which will cater to your readers. This means you can pull out other brands who are your competitors and drive traffic to your site.

Getting Others to Write About You

Unless you are willing to shell out cash, you cannot force people to mention your brand name on their blogs. The best ways is to make sure you present your brand in the most interesting way as possible. Readers love stories, so give them that. As an entrepreneur, you are in a unique position to do so. Write stories on how you came about the business idea, what it is about and how you are going to deliver on it. Once you come out with the service or product, make sure you give your customers a great experience which they can tell others about.

When you get a blog mention, drop the blogger a message and thank him.

It’s About Traffic

Though blog mentions may eventually lead to sales, it is really directed to generate more traffic. The more blog mentions you get, the more traffic will be driven to your blog site. This traffic will learn about your brand and hopefully result in greater sales.

Tracking Blog Mentions

As the aspect of blog mentions grow, you can even consider dumping Google Alerts and switch your tracking to Blog mentions. Google Alerts only send you an email if the alert comes in the top ten results. Blog mentions don’t suffer from such flaws. This means you can keep track of your reach in the blogging world very easily and efficiently.