When it comes to professional services, all businesses know the golden social media rule – BE ON LINKEDIN! However, many businesses miss out on Twitter. If you run an accounting firm, Twitter can be a powerful medium for you to grow your business. Twitter is a medium that large businesses and personalities are on. Getting mentioned or noticed by the right business (or person) can bring in a lot of customers to your accounting business.

You can connect with industry leaders, join discussions, answer accounting queries, share real-time information, and share your unique blog content through Twitter.

Building your own brand on Twitter is an uphill task. The social media platform is widely known for its humor and as a professional accounting brand, you may be wondering what you are doing on this platform. Twitter is the perfect platform for to reach out to potential businesses and clients. However, building your Twitter influence organically is difficult, Twitter advertisement offers an alternative that can give your accounting firm a good ROI.

Here’s how you can effectively promote your accounting business on Twitter.

Keep Tweeting

Want to improve your engagement? Keep tweeting. Consistently! Twitter loves a brand that supplies the platform with fresh content. No matter how good your ad, the number of impressions will decline over a period of time and Twitter is less likely to show your followers your older tweets.

Source: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/

Create a Twitter List

Just like you would create an email list, you can create a Twitter list. This is possible only if you set up a Twitter page. However, a Twitter list carries more features than just being a list of people. It is a fantastic way to club users into groups, engage them easily and promote.

How do you create a Twitter list?

On your accounting firm’s Twitter page, click on your profile button. On the drop down, you will find Lists. Click on it.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 at 1.56.22 PM.png

Next, you will be asked to create a new list.

Screenshot 2016-08-16 at 2.01.47 PM.png

You are required to name the list. A single list can contain as many as 1,000 followers.

There are three basic lists you should at least create.

  1. The Office:

Ensure that everyone in the accounting firm is on Twitter and add them to the list. Your employees can be a powerful medium to promote your accounting business on Twitter.

  1. Industry Influencers 

As an accounting firm, there are various influencers you can reach out to on Twitter. For example, Gordon Kent writes on financial matters, Emma Graney covers politics in Edmonton and Joe Ceci is the Minister of Finance in Alberta.

  1. Competitors 

You can also create a list of your competitors to just stay up-to-date on their activities.

Create a Twitter List that builds your audience based on geographic location and interest. For example, a Twitter list based on users who need tax and financial related information.

Use your Twitter List (duh!)

When you run a Twitter campaign, you can utilize this list to ensure that the right advertisement reaches the right audience. You are not just customizing your content, but you also have an easy method to make sure that the relevant content reaches the right audience. This leads to a high Twitter score, which in turn leads to more profitable ads.

When you set up your advertisements, you can also set additional targets such as keywords, interests, behaviours and more.

Creating a Twitter list is helpful when you run an advertising campaign. You can specifically target your audience based on industry influencers or leverage on your employee network.

Promote Popular Tweets 

Don’t promote tweets that are not gaining you traction. Such tweets obviously don’t appeal to your target audience, so you need to stop forcing your audience to retweet or like the tweet. Instead, focus your effort on tweets that are popular. It could be that poking fun at the government’s new tax laws or a trick on bookkeeping captures your audience’s attention.

Stop pushing tweets your audience does not like and start focusing on the ones they have shown they like. 

Start a Direct Message Campaign

A direct message or DM can be quite effective, if done right. It allows you to send users messages directly to read. It is private and can only be seen by those you’ve sent it to. DM done wrong, turns into spam, your accounting firm is reported and many users block you.

Twitter allows you to send 1000 DMs a day, but it would not be realistic to send 1000 DMs a day. Take into consideration the number of replies and responses you will have to give. You can only manage this much volume if you have a large marketing team.

It is best advised to send out 100 DMs a day.

  • Avoid Spam Words:
    Words like buy, free, discount and win should be avoided.

  • Don’t Add Links:
    While linking is an effective way of attracting users to your accounting service, avoid it as Twitter discourages links.

  • Monitor and Analyze: 
    Monitor the response rates of your DMs and analyze the effectiveness of your DM campaign.

What do you message?

The biggest question, regarding a DM campaign, is ‘What can an accounting business message followers?’

  • Interested in Accounting:
    Twitter is a treasure trove of conversations and questions. Look out for users who are interested in accounting or have accounting questions. You can DM them information or add to the public conversation they were having.

  • Business Entrepreneurs: 
    Identify new business entrepreneurs. Business entrepreneurs often fail to comprehend the nuances of managing taxes and accounts. You can DM them with how-to information on keeping good bookkeeping systems in place and adhering to all the tax rules.

With a DM campaign, you have to keep trying various tactics with your audience to understand what works and what doesn’t.

Use Twitter Cards

Twitter is filled with text that has just 140 characters. By putting a post above 140 characters, you are immediately noticed. Twitter Cards allows you to go beyond 140 characters and attach media such as videos or images.

This is a great way to disseminate information on the platform and get noticed. There are 8 Twitter cards available that you can utilize. The Summary Card works for spreading any kind of information from a blog post to introducing your accounting business.

If you are more interesting in converting potential users then the lead generation card is the right choice. It has a ‘Click Here’ button which is an effective call to action.

You can craft something similar. For example:

Be ready to file your taxes for next year. With Acme Accounting Services, this is the one thing your business does not have to worry about.

Know what Works and What Doesn’t

Want your accounting brand to truly succeed on Twitter? Know what works and what doesn’t. Whether it is a promoted tweet or a promoted account, identify what is working and replicate it; and stop doing what is not working for you.

Twitter Analytics provides a sufficient amount of data for you to understand which tweets have engagement.

As an accounting business, it is only natural for you to think that LinkedIn is the best place for your business to be on. However, you cannot miss Twitter. Twitter is a platform dominated by professionals and professional businesses. Use promoted tweets, Twitter Cards and other advertising options to your benefit. Promote your accounting business on Twitter and use these pointers to ensure that you are doing so in the right direction.

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