Ep # 51 – Fill your feed with Facebook Ads. Study, Copy, Test, Repeat

A chrome extension built for Facebook Marketers that filters out all the non-promotional/non-sponsored posts and fill the feed with Facebook Ads. Now, get inspired, do competitive research, find out their ad copy and other research all the time. Link to Chrome extension to just view ads on your feed: FadFeed

Plugin Video: 

This is a simple chrome extension that filters your Facebook feed and fills them with Ads serving as a real-time inspiration gallery of creatives being targeted at you!


Bonus: There is another tool by Adespresso which shows you Facebook ads in any given industry. Here is how it looks when we search for Roofing company examples:

Run facebook ad ampaigns


Bonus # 2: Free + Paid Option BigBigads.com

Find new competitors you don’t know, track the ad campaign of existing competitors, find their winning ads, use the advantage to create your ads more efficiently.