Joining the e-commerce business is a smart move. It is estimated that by 2016, customers will be making online product or services purchases worth over $327 Billion. More and more customers are shifting from traditional buying to online purchases. Reasons for this could be convenience and lack of time for traditional shopping.  However, there is quite a vast world of online stores out there and it is growing rapidly. Online persuasion need to focus on showing that you can be trusted. As an online product, you can’t sell it to your customer face to face. So here are some tips on selling your product online and build that trust:

Google Trusted Badge

A Google Trusted Badge proves that your online products are authentic, your financial transactions are safe and your logistics are up to the mark. This is the highest level of safety and trust you can give your customers. However, getting this badge is not easy since your e-commerce site has to have the best standards.

User Generated Reviews

Other than just putting up a description for your product, you have got to have user reviews. Being an online product, you can’t expect users to completely trust your product, since they can really see your product on hand. Hence, to help them trust you a bit more, you need user generated reviews.

These reviews can’t come from you, but customers who have already previously purchased your product. Have a website that allows space for and encourages user reviews. Don’t fear bad reviews and edit them. Instead, be ready to act quickly on them.

Scarcity of Products

With online products, you can reveal the number of stock left. By showing ‘Stock Limited’, ‘2 items in stock’ or ‘Sales ends today’, you can push your customers to make a fast decision and get them to buy your product. Impulsive buying is the biggest driver behind online shopping as within 2-3 clicks you can easily buy a product. It is a psychological play where loss is a more powerful motivator than a gain.

Include Multi-Media

Rather than just adding plain descriptions, add authentic pictures of your product. At least put three to four pictures covering all angles of your product, so customers can visualize the product. The images should be shot with a good quality camera, enlarged and well scaled for mobile and other responsive devices.

In addition, you can put up a video showing an unboxing of the product or a video on ‘how to use’ the product (highly recommended). This reassures your customers about what they’re getting.

Focus on Security Issues.

Financial transactions and giving away private data is a big security worry for a customer. There are various certifications and verifications you can have to prove that you’re protected.

–          SSL : Have a Secure Sockets Layer certification to show that you have the most basic encryption on your site.

–          Address Verification System: Setting up an address verification system proves that you’re willing to go that extra step in security.

Prove you’re an Authority

Craft content on the latest development in the industry, objective reviews on your products and others, advice on finding the perfect product, etc. In addition to the products you sell, set up a blog or even a social profiles (facebook, twitter, linkedin or other platforms)  where you can show that you know your stuff.

Getting customers to trust you won’t be an easy job, especially if you’re new on the online industry. However, with consistency and inspiring trust, you’ll have a line of customers for your products.