Facebook and Twitter are the two most popular social media platforms in the world. Facebook alone has over 1 billion users, while Twitter has 500 million users. Such numbers with the amount of social features and activities make Facebook and Twitter a powerhouse for gaining customers. However, does the power of social media lie in the number of likes or followers you get? Mindshare is a concept that has been growing in the marketing world. While a sale is the ultimate goal for any marketer, mindshare refers to the ability of capturing the attention of a consumer and eventually pushing a brand name to be synonymous with a product or service. For example, the word ‘music player’ is almost out-dated, ‘iPod’ is the more popular word. Capturing mindshare greatly helps in brand recall and, in the long run, results in the improvement of sales.

So how can you shift your social media strategy on Facebook and Twitter to focus on mindshare and not the number of likes or followers?

Facebook Tactics

–          Engage in Conversations

Social media gives you the power to have a full fledged public conversation or a one-on-one. Public conversations are open for everyone and it has great potential for you to interact with many people. Whether your business is completely online or you have a store, having a social media page means that you’re always open for conversations with your customers.

–          Working with Influencers: There will be users on Facebook and Twitter who have a large following – they are called influencers. They could be community celebrities or popular bloggers. By getting in touch and including them in your social media strategies, you can get their support and spread your brand name among their followers.

–          Facebook Contest: Contests on Facebook have a high chance of becoming viral since many of them depend on gaining votes. This is a great way to get your followers to work for you.

Twitter Tactics

–          Giveaways: Just like Facebook Contest, Twitter has Giveaways. This is useful strategy to make your brand name go viral.

–          Using Influencers: Twitter has a ‘Verified Account’ feature which makes sure popular figures are authentic and not fake accounts. This makes it easier to get in touch and involve an influencer to spread your brand name with their followers.

–          Answering Customer Service Queries: Many customers find posting their problem on the social media wall to be convenient. Customer service queries are public and make your brand open to negativity. By dealing with them, you can effectively convert it to a positive spin.

–          FAQs and How-to: Your audience would love to have questions on their minds answered. Tweeting ‘How-to’s’ is a fantastic way to inform your consumer how-to use your product.

Social media gives your brand exposure. Your post or tweet will be seen by many, but it may not always be retweeted or liked. This is where mindshare plays a big role. First, they hear of your brand, then they become familiar with it and eventually they are making purchases on your products or services.