Google is not just a search engine. The internet giant offers plenty of features on the web such as a blogging platform, books, applications and maps. Google is an important facet in getting your website noticed and you can’t miss out on Google Places. Google Places puts your brand on the map and puts the name in Google’s index. Google Places has been specifically developed by Google for users to easily find business services and products. If you are a local business and trying to target users in a particular city or town, Google Places is the way to go.

Take a look at this checklist to make sure you’re managing yourself on Google Places right.

Set up a Google Account for Your Business

The first thing is to make sure your business has a Google account. Not only does a Google account add you to the listing, but it opens up all the features offered by Google. You don’t want to operate your business from a personalised account. Setting up a Google account for your business gives it more brand value and identification with your customers.

If you have a website, be sure to mention the email address with your domain name in the ‘other email addresses’ section.

Create Your Google Place Listing

It’s time to create your Google Place Listing, so visit the website. Google will ask you to fill in all the possible details of your business and it’s important that you do it.  Basic information will require to you fill up on Country, Street Address, email id, website and others details. Make certain you give detailed thought to the 200 word description you have to type. Use geo modified keywords that target the area as well as business sectors. In the category section, do your best to fill up partial match keywords.

The Service Areas and Location Settings are pretty straight forward and the options you choose depends on your business.

Verify your Google Place Listing

After adding your details, you have to verify the listing. You can get verification by either postcard or by phone. It’s best to choose the phone simply because it is instant. 5-10 minutes after you select the option, you’ll get a call from Google’s automated machine. You will be given a 5 PIN number which you put in and voila, you’re listing’s live!

The option to verify through postcards may be missing in case the address details don’t match Google’s information or too many businesses are already verified on the same number.

Connect with Google Plus

If you don’t have a Google Plus profile yet, you should create one. The best way to use such networks as Google Places and Plus is to interconnect them. This will help you bring more customers on Google Places.


On a weekly or monthly basis, revise your Google listing, more frequently, the better. Don’t forget about it and expect to work magic once it goes live. Encourage customers to post reviews on Google Places. You should post frequent updates and offers through it. Use Google Analytics to keep track of your traffic.

Google Maps is one the best internet maps out there and users are using it to find locations. So make sure you get Google Places right.