As a content marketing implementer, you have probably heard of Google’s Hummingbird update. It occurred a few months ago and Google announced the change after their 15th birthday. The Hummingbird update is the biggest improvement for the search engine since it first started. It promises to make the search engine smarter and cater better to the needs of its users. All of this means that you have to adapt the way you manage your content creation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. So what are the various improvements to Google and what do alterations do you have to make to your strategy?

Less Focus on Keywords
Though keywords are still a big aspect, Google is going to be less focused on them. Google has come up with an algorithm which will be more focused on the intent of the query. The search engine will no longer look at the words individually, but as a whole. This is an attempt to make the search engine more ‘User Friendly’ and more understanding towards the users. While your strategies don’t need to give up the use of keywords, you should begin shifting focus towards long tail keywords which will work better.
Knowledge Graph 
Google has been running the knowledge graph for over a year. It allows users to get a preview of the answer they’re searching for. The Hummingbird update has greatly improved on this feature, allowing more information to be shown. Now, there will be better query prompts and the answers to queries will be presented in a way that offers multiple answers.
A Perspective Change
Google no longer looks at them as queries and results, but questions and answers for the user. The search engine is aiming to not just take in queries and spit out results, but have a conversation with the user. The improved version of the Knowledge Graph attempts to do just this, that is give a better conversation with the user.
Not Forgetting the Smartphone 
There are an increasing numbers of searches that are occurring through the smartphone and the Hummingbird update has not forgotten this. There have been short queries from the smartphone users because of typing fatigue. Hummingbird has improved the ability to get the correct answer from these few keywords. At the same time, there is big change to Google Voice feature making it easy for users to search through their phones.
Changing Your Strategy 
If anything, the Hummingbird update has reinforced the focus on quality of content rather than keyword centric content. You don’t just have to convince the search engine to display your page, but create content which will answer the questions that users are typing for.
Your content creation has to pick topics that are helpful to the user, rather than throwing your products and services in their face. You have to decipher the intent of the popular queries, come up with topics that are being searched and give answers that will capture their attention in the first few lines.