If you have been told that writing good content is good enough to get noticed on the web, you heard it wrong. The internet is filled with blogs, website and forums putting out good content on the same subject as you. In such a situation, your biggest advantage is how you put your content and your website and blog out there. Once you start posting content, no one would have heard of your site. The best way to create awareness about your brand is through search engines. Users are constantly searching the internet for interesting and helpful information to read on. Here are a few tips to get your content noticed by search engines.


Search engines use keywords to identify the type of content you have put up. Choose keywords that describe your article and at the same time, keywords which a user will type in a search engine.

It would be a mistake to miss out long tail keywords, so add them too. Use Google Prompts and Google Keywords Tool to help you select and find relevant keywords.

Keywords and Content

You may be tempted to fill your content with keywords to improve your chances of being noticed by a search engine. Don’t do it! Once upon a time this worked, but not now. Instead, chances are that your content will be marked as spam. Plus, doing it will lower your content quality.

Picking Content

Write on topics which users are searching for. Using Google Prompts is an effective way of finding out which topics your users are searching for. At the same time, if you feel any topic is lacking on the internet and has not been written before, don’t hesitate to write about it.

Adding Links

As often as possible, add hyperlinks to your content. When you are talking about a person, an organisation, a process, etc add links; be it a Wikipedia page, social media page, an official government website. Linking is a way of developing a connection with the rest of the internet. Try to have hyperlinks to high quality sites. Search engines easily take notice of content that have a good number of links.

Content which Connects

If you are looking to craft good quality content and get a lot of traffic on your site, you need to write content which connects with your audience. The tone you pick on needs to hook them. A conversational tone would work very well if you are dealing with public customers. A formal one would work if you are dealing with professionals. Know your audience and you will know how to connect with them. You can connect the topics with their daily problems and worries.

Share, Share, Share

Improve the sharebility of your content. Allow it to be shared on social media platforms. The more traffic your content gets, the better page rank it will have. So add Facebook and Twitter buttons to your content.

Quality is king, there is no doubt about that, but you have to reach out to the audience before they become familiar with your content.