What you write on your website matters to a search engine and your visitor. The marketing term for this is content and it’s vital as it helps get your SEO rank up and grow your traffic. Content web development shifts that constant focus on search engines to reaching out to visitors and improving web traffic.


Edmonton Content development

If you hope to get your web content development right, you must focus on key factors.

Know what your Competitors are up to

Take a thorough look at your competitor’s sites and analyze their content.

– The topics the site talks about

– The style and tone of the language used

– Keyword usage

You need to stand out from your competitors and so should your content. By researching your competitors and their content, you can offer unique content to your visitors. It provides ideas for your own content development and learning on any mistakes to avoid.

Helpful and Informative Content

The content you come with has to be wanted and searched for by your audience.

– By taking a look at your competitors, you would have got an idea of the content they want.

– Also, use Google Prompts to find queries that are being searched by your audience.

– Come up with unique content, search engines love them. Understand and talk with your customers, find out what kind of information they are searching for and come with content that no one has written before.

Tone and Style

If you want content that distinguishes you from the rest of your competitors – you need to have your own tone and style. This tone and style needs to be loved by your customers. It needs to be:

– Free flowing

– Easy to ready

– Informative

– Well Structured

These 4 are what you want to stick to. Style comes in when you want to pepper content with humor, personal examples, anecdotes, a formal feel, etc

The aim is to create a voice which your readers can identify.

Keyword Optimization

If you want your content to be found by search engines and users, you need to do a little keyword optimization.

– Add keywords in your title, URL and content.

– Never do keyword stuffing. Keep the content natural and never force it with keywords. At the most, have 5 mentions of the keyword.

– Use long tails keywords. Search engines are relying more and more on long tail keywords to answer a query.

Be Creative

Don’t hesitate to try new things. If you think memes will work with your content, or an infographic would better give information or a video presentation is a good way to introduce a service, go ahead and try it!

Know what Works

Constantly keep track of your Analytics and know what content works and what doesn’t. This way you keep improving your web content for the better. Check the keywords and pages that give you most traction, these are what you should be driving forth.

Search engines want to give their users links to content that is awesome and relevant to their query. That’s what your web content development should aim for.