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Quick Wins in SEO (Results in 15 to 30 Days)


Simple strategy to get quick organic traffic. Follow this technique step by step:

Step # 1 Goto: Google Webmasters

Step # 2 Goto search queries and look for keywords for which you are already ranking but not for top 5 positions. Here is an example of Rapid Boost Marketing website:




We are already ranking for all these keywords on position 7. Because you are already ranking for these keywords it’s very easy and fast to get them in top 3 or 5.

Step # 3 Now here is what we will do in order to increase the rankings of these keywords:


  • Add more content
  • Build more links (Internal and external)
  • Promote on social media
  • Tweak on-page SEO


Once we do these 4 things within 2-3 weeks we will see a significant improvement in rankings.




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