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Yesterday’s Episode # 138 3 Step Simple Strategy To Work on Ideal Clients For Inside & Outside Sales

Episode # 139  How To Get More Search Traffic From Existing Content


Step # 1

Find existing content which is getting some search traffic. This strategy can be applied to content which is getting good traffic and content which is not getting any traffic at all. Identify those blogs, pages etc.


Step # 2

Refine that content, make it more in-depth and add more information. Also, make sure information is relevant. You wrote an article in 2016, update it to 2018.


Step # 3

Once you have refined it, made it more relevant + added more content then submit to Google and Bing webmasters for reindexing. Also, make sure you re-publish with a more recent date. Like original was 2016 Oct 24 and you refined it on Dec 13 2017. Search engines see the new date and get a signal that this content is more relevant and current.

Example (We do this every month with 10 blogs or pages):

This blog us to get around 100 pageviews and now with tweaking it we are getting 200 pageviews. Not only that with refining the content we increase average time on that page by 200% and brought it to over 7 minutes.


Dental Clinic SEO: The Ultimate Guide to Keywords for Dentists


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