Want to know my secret about how to become the best at SEO?


That’s all there is to it. You fail. You learn. You fail again. And, you learn some more.

So what if your Bing SEO is not working out the way you want it to? Most people conveniently give up on Bing because it’s not Google, and hence, it’s easy to give up on. But, what you’re giving up on is over 8% of search engine traffic that uses Bing.

Your Bing optimization is not working well enough because it is not refined.

Here’s what you can do to get over the Bing SEO failure.

Stop Relying on SEO Tools

SEO tools are there to help, but they are not there to take over the role of SEO. That’s just it, they are tools. You wouldn’t get all the tools to make a chair and expect them to make a chair on their own.

Make me a chair ye tools, except they’re not alive, anddd, they can’t hear you

Utilize the SEO tools correctly to do the best Bing SEO that you can do. You have plenty of branded SEO tools like AHRefs, Majestic and Moz. Whether it is a Link Analyzer, Keyword Research or a Bing SEO Analyze – these are just tools that provide valuable insight into the current condition of your website. What you do with the information matters.

Keyword Planner is the Wrong tool

Google Keyword Planner is an effective tool to find you keywords to leverage on your website. But, it’s wrong to use Keyword Planner and expect it to optimize your site for Bing. No, you have to use Bing’s Keyword Tool. The demographic that uses Bing is different from Google and you have to ensure your keywords are in line with that.

Bing searches are more dynamic and more direct than Google’s search queries.

Top Rank on Bing, but no Traffic

There are those who manage to improve their SEO rank on Bing, but their link fails to gather any traffic.

Your website links may be appearing on the wrong Bing search queries. Looping back to what I mentioned earlier. Keywords used in Google and Bing’s queries are different. Your link could be appearing in queries that don’t match with what you offer.

Check your Bing Backlinks

You have to work on link acquisition to improve your link-building and improve your position on Bing. Add to that, while I don’t have any hard proof, I suspect that Bing and Google’s indexation of the web are different. Bing trusts links that Google does not and vice-versa. Also, understand that you cannot create an index that matches both Bing and Google.

What you can do is not depend on third party tools to give you a link’s pass value. Rather, find that out directly from Bing itself.

Make Use of Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines

The Webmaster Guidelines map out various points on what qualifies as a good website. By sticking to these guidelines, you develop a website that is qualified by Bing to appear on the top of its search results. However, Bing’s Webmaster Guidelines and Google’s Webmaster Guidelines are different.

You have to make a choice as to which guidelines you are going to follow and which ones you want to comprise on for both search engines.

Don’t build and conduct SEO on your website blindly. Understand the Webmaster Guidelines of both search engines. You don’t have to comply with100% of just one search engine’s Webmaster Guideline.

Give Bing Dashboard Importance too

You are going to spend time learning and getting a hang of Bing Dashboard, but it’s totally worth it. The information that the dashboard provides allows you to take your Bing SEO to the next level. You don’t have to depend on third party tools for analytical information, Bing gives you all the details that you need.And, at the end of the day, it is much better to get your information from the one who is going to pass judgment on your website because they are going to be using that exact same data. (Just like you would ask your partner if they love you instead ofgoing around and asking others, “Do you think he/she loves me?” They don’t know I tell ya!)

8% does not seem like much, but in my business, every bit counts and that’s why Bing optimization matters to me. Bottom line – keep at your Bing SEO, use these tips and the data from Bing Dashboard to refine your strategy and you will be able to see better results in Bing. However, if SEO is eating too much of your time during the day, you need to think of hiring an SEO agency.