One of the easiest ways to introduce humor in your content is through memes. Why should you do it? Well, because everyone loves to have their funny bones tickled. Add to that, good memes greatly improve your content quality. Instead of providing dry and plain informative content, you provide something that is informative, interesting and gives your reader a few laughs in between.

SEO Memes

Don’t tell me you’ve not seen this meme scouring the internet!

And, all of this will boost up your SEO rank.

To get to the top of a search engine result, you need to leverage every tactic there is and make it work for your benefit.

What’s a Meme?

Before I dive in further, let’s talk about what exactly a meme is. It is usually an image from popular culture (though that is not a prerequisite– cat memes anyone?) Memes carry a tone, expression and occasionally a modified quote – all to say something funny.

Memes are Awesome

Memes are awesome for SEO in two ways – they are viral and they’re pretty easy to make.


Spend enough time on the web and you’ll learn that people just love sharing images, especially memes. Visuals have great power on the web and more so, when it carries humor. They provide quick bites of entertainment and don’t need a thorough read. Rather, all a meme needs is a glance over for a reader to understand it. Quick and funny – that’s what meme virality is.

Easy to Make Don’t tell me you’ve not seen this meme scouring the internet!

Anybody can make a meme. It is not limited to a professional with design experience.

All you need to know is the top memes out there and have a sense of humor.

A meme tool like Meme Generator or Quick Meme will take care of the rest.

How Memes Help?


You ever read content on awebsitethat makes you go – ‘Funnnny!’ Everybody loves to read good quality and informative content. But, tickling a person’s funny bone is not easy and that’s why the audience loves it.

Share, share, share

People who read something funny and hilarious, automatically consider sharing it with their friends on social networks. This is where the virality of your content comes in handy.

Post it on Social media yourself

Rather than wait for users to stumble across your content, you can share it on your social media network. A hilarious meme is going to do a fantastic job of attracting more traffic.

More Traffic, the Better

The more traffic your website receives, the better your SEO rank. Traffic is a SEO signal factor and tells a search engine how relevant your website is.

Morpheus knows the Truth!

Morpheus knows the Truth!

Strong Social Media Presence

A strong social media presence is noted by search engines and has a positive effect on your SEO rank.

Building your own Meme

There are several things to keep in mind when you are building your own meme.

Know your Niche

The better you know your niche, the better you are able to create a meme that is funny.

Know the Meme

  • Memes all have a particular first line. These lines are modified and made funny. Know what that first line is before you add your own words.
  • Every meme carries a particular context – know what that is. Sean Bean LOTR meme’s context is about something difficult or impossible.
  • Be ready to go through at least 40-50 memes so you know them well enough.

Get it Checked

What’s sound funny to you doesn’t necessarily make it funny for the rest. Having others check out your memes is quality control.

Have Fun

Making memes is just a cool way to release your creative juices, so have fun.

Pick up on the Trends

Watch out for the trends in the meme world. There is always some latest image that gets converted into a meme. Jumping onto the bandwagon of a trend is just a good way to improve the virality of your content.

Tracking social media platforms is the best way to notice when a new meme is trending.

Spread it About

A meme should not only reside on your website, you need to share it across your social media platforms. Get it on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and every other social platform you have a presence on.

The more people see it, the better chances of it being shared and the more visitors you’ll have on your site.

Your audience wants to be entertained.