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Consider the words of marketing genius Seth Godin:

“The web was built on words. And words, of course, are available to anyone who can type. They’re cheap, easy to edit and incredibly powerful when used well.

Today’s internet, though, is built on video. Much more difficult to create well, far more impactful when it works.”


We started doing video 3 weeks ago and now we have over 25,000 views on 10 videos and every day we are adding:

300 views daily on existing videos + new videos which we put out….


Every video on average got 50 reactions per video (Likes, comments, shares etc.)


Here are few examples of us promoting the videos on different social media channels:

Video Link


Video link



Video Link


Video Link



Video Link


Video Link


instagram marketing for business



What to create videos on…?

Easy answer is, find out what people are looking for and what are their pre-sale objections, questions etc. We know that 27% of all the search queries are questions. Also, 70% growth on Youtube on How to searches. 50% of search queries are four words or longer.

Use these free keyword research tools:

Uber Suggest start generating more suggestions and content ideas

Keyword Tool 


Keyword Research Database

Keywords Everywhere

Keywordtool by SEObook

Youtube Competition Tracking: VidIQ

Video promotion is very important

It’s a 50/50 formula. As much as your video content and production is important, 50% of the video success comes from its promotion.

Here are some channels that are available for you to focus your efforts on.:

o YouTube
o Your Website
o Email Marketing
o Social Media
o Question and Answer Sites

o Tagging
o Playlists
o Branding
o Be social
o Repurpose your video
o Network with Influencers

o Press Releases



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