Below I have listed some free tools that you can use to find more about your competitors keywords and their online strategy:


Google Keyword Tool: can assist you to find key terms and advertisement group ideas that may not occur to you as you design your ad campaign. The platform allows you to enter a word or a group of words and phrases relevant to your business; then the tool will generate related keywords and phrases that you can use for your ads and competitor research. this platform allows you to track keywords that your competitors may be using in their webpage. You may also use this tool to see the effectiveness of keywords in terms of click through rates, traffic generation and link building. aggregates search term statistics from all the main search engines. This tool will show you the types of phrases and words that people are using to find services and products as well as the terms that are generating traffic to your competition.

Yahoo Clues: offers you insights into the demographics and attributes of the people using certain search term. The tool also shows you the terms that are related to the terms that people are using. By typing in a key term or phrase, you will see the various trends of that term or phrase. You will also see how popular the keyword is, the searchers’ location, income level, gender and age. offers you suggestions pertaining to the terms that people use to look for products and services. This tool will help you determine the terms that your competitors’ target audience is using to find their ads and sites. allows you to type in URLs of companies and to see their rankings on major site engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Spyfu: enables you to track the phrases that your competition is using; it also shows you the most effective keywords attracting traffic to their site. You may also use this tool to generate your own keywords depending on your budget and business needs.



Quantcast: offers free reports on traffic measurements and audience demographics. This tool is useful if you need comprehensive reports on the traffic trends in your competitors’ sites.


Google AdPlanner: enables you to track the types of audiences that are likely to visit your competitors’ site. You can sort out this audience in terms of their interests as well as specific demographics. You may also access data on the number of unique visitors that your competition is receiving, as well as the page views.