The festive season is already starting, meaning you can expect a surge of online shoppers to browse your website for products and services. However, you may not be meeting the sales and site traffic you were expecting. That’s because your business website may lack that festive-season feel. But what exactly should you do to make your site holiday-appropriate?

This article will discuss four practical tips to help you decorate your site for the holidays. Take this as an opportunity to build the ideal environment for holiday gift shopping, like how you would decorate for a physical store as you set up the Christmas tree and other decorations!

– Prepare Your Online Marketing Plans for Your Website First!

The main reason why website design matters is because of competitive marketability, especially during the holiday season. You want to show your customers that you are celebrating with them and can provide them with special products and services that they need. That’s why you need to think about your online marketing plans before starting with any festive site redesigns!

For example, let’s say you run an SEO service in Edmonton that caters to small businesses. Think about what your ideal customers want to see, like maybe holiday-exclusive deals and SEO-dedicated solutions all holiday season long. That way, your business website’s holiday redesign meets the immediate needs of your target customers! 

– Start Redesigns with Your Business Logo!

Your company’s logo takes center stage when it comes to your site. That’s why it needs a little festive change! You can be subtle about it, like by adding just a few snowflakes and mistletoe. You may also opt for a more daring redesigned logo with all new Christmas colours and New Year fireworks. Just think about your branding identity and how your customers may perceive the change!

– Design for the Holiday Online Shopping Experience!

Most business websites already make their festive redesign a tradition. However, they often forget what matters: the overall user experience. For instance, there are sites with cheerful yet unnecessary graphics that can slow down a customer’s online purchase of certain products. These shopping inconveniences can reflect poorly on your business’s sales and engagement rates. 

As such, think about the online holiday shopping experience. You may also need to invest in online presence services to get a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ site needs, like faster loading times and more online payment gateways. Consult further with online marketing experts to develop the ideal, one-stop festive gift shopping experience! 

– Think About Festive Colour Schemes and Graphics, but Do Your Customer Research!

The holiday season is known for its loud, bright red and white colours. You may want to incorporate these festive colour schemes into your business website festive redesign. However, you also need to think about your customers’ different tastes and preferences. Maybe most of them would rather see New Year graphics and themes as compared to Christmas. As such, do your market research to directly apply what you’ve learned to make your site festive! 


Your business needs to adapt to your customers’ demands during the holiday season. Fortunately, you now know what to do to handle business website-related needs. All you have to do is execute plans according to all the previously mentioned tips. Redesign your website today!

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