In a world filled with words such as sales, advertisement, marketing and social media, would it be wise to ignore branding? Branding brings all of these under one umbrella so that your brand sends out one single message that represents what you want. In a market with plenty of brands, offering plenty of services and products, it is important that your brand has a unique identity.  Branding is not about just having a logo and a tag line, it is a culmination of who you are and what your brand represent to your consumers.

By create a brand for your business, you are aiming to achieve the highest customer level that is brand loyalty where your customer feels an emotional connect to your brand, always comes back and convinces other around him to join your brand too.

So how do you create a unique brand for yourself?


Your start up can have a different name from your brand name. They don’t have to be the same. Your brand name is a key component for your business. It has to embodied many things such as tone and feel of your company and at the same time, it should refer to your company’s core value.

Brand names are tricky. Before Apple came to be known, it was just the name for a fruit. It was with constant branding that the brand word ‘Apple’ came to represent aesthetics in technology.

Tag Line

A tag line will directly inform a customer what is special about your business and separates you from the rest. At the same time, a tag line should not be longer than 3-5 words. It will be very helpful if it is catchy, but that is not necessary. A good tag like will be remembered every time a brand name is mentioned. For example, Nike’s ‘Just do it’.


A logo is another way to create a unique identification for your brand. Whenever your brand is not spoken and it is written down, a logo will allow it to be written in a particular manner which is not imitated by anyone else. It is a visual medium which means at a single glance consumers will be able to recognise it.

Sending Across a Message

Every Apple advertisement has a white background with a single person talking, sending a message across of simplicity. Vodafone ran a brand campaign of a pup that trailed everyone, sending a message across of a network that follows their customers everywhere. Every commercial of Axe puts forward the idea that the deodorant is good enough to attract every girl.

What is the message you want to send across? What can your product or service do for your customer? Answer these questions and you’ll know what the message is. However, just be certain that is what your customer will or would want, otherwise your whole business is a failure if you are not giving them something they want.

Never Stop Branding

Whether it is advertisement, social media or even your business card, it has got to have the four elements – brand name, logo, tag line and the message. Branding comes about only after being constant. You cannot expect customers to automatically identify with your brand name at the first go. It’s a process which takes time, one that you cannot deviate from.