Social media is a powerful medium that you can use to communicate with your audience, make them aware of your sales, and make more and more people aware of your brand.

Increasing your engagement can be difficult. One of the easiest ways is to be aggressive, churn out 10 posts a day, and spam folks within your social circle.

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Brandon Stanton runs the Humans of New York page and spamming others was the way he started. However, a page based on human stories is relatable to public in general, hence it picked up well.

As a business brand, your social media page needs to increase its followers without coming off as aggressive, pushy, or desperate.

The Right Amount

You should post neither too little nor too much. Hubspot released an interesting study on Facebook posts.


The data draws an interesting correlation between the number of posts and clicks the posts got. Pages that posts 1-5 times in a month have the same amount of clicks, regardless of the number of following. However, the more posts a page has, the more number of clicks it has.

For Facebook, have as many posts as you can in a month.

Twitter works differently. The more posts you have does not mean more engagement. This is, possibly, because your audience can’t keep up with the content amount. The golden number is three tweets a day.

The Right Content

It is not just about the amount, but also about what you communicate. Your content needs to resonate with your audience. Your audience will only engage if they like the content and it interests them.

Being funny is the surest way to engage your audience.

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Everyone one has a funny bone. However, not only should your audience like your content, but they should also identify with your brand (this is vital if you want them to convert later on).

For example, you run a consumer electronics store. You can crack jokes, but what you really want is for customers to convert. Cracking jokes won’t suffice. It’s enough for Aziz Ansari because he is a comedian.

  • Provide Information: Mix it up with helpful tips and sales information.

  • Tone and Style: The tone and style should represent your brand.
    Screenshot 2016-03-03 at 12.55.12 PM.pngScreenshot 2016-03-03 at 12.55.33 PM.png
    Microsoft and Google’s page clearly represent a difference in tone and style of their brand and audience.

The Right Time

Each social media platform has a time that sees a maximum number of users being active. That’s the time you want to engage them.


Curate Content

You don’t have to post only original content. You can share content too. This is called content curation. Content curation helps:

  • Share thought leadership ideas

  • Generate engagement not only with your audience, but the content creator

  • Improve your page’s number of posts

According to a study by Curata, 41% of marketers indicated that curated content increased their sales-ready leads.

Ensure you are sharing content.

More Images

The human senses are more attuned to catching images so ensure that you pepper your content with sufficient graphics and pictures.

Don’t Fall for the Three Mistakes

In your haste to improve your engagement, you do not want to lose your followers.

  1. Self Promotion: If your page is able to branch out from just talking about itself, then you’ll have more users liking your page.

  2. Automation: Automation makes social media management easy, however, too much of it and your page does not feel human.

  3. Poor Hashtagging: This is the surest way to tell your audience that you don’t know how to use social media.

Analyze your Activities

Every business has a different audience. The best way to improve your engagement is to identify the posts your audience likes. Every social platform gives you the ability to look at analytical data.

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Identify the types of posts that give your page more reach and engagement and replicate those more.

The virality of social media has been over-hyped. It is critical that you stay consistent to these points mentioned in this post. Don’t expect your following to miraculously jump to 10,000. You have to build your following and improve engagement, and it is a slow, grinding process. There is no way around that.