Email marketing can be a very powerful marketing medium if used right. It’s far from dead and it would be advantageous to use it. According to Litmus, 82% of consumers open emails from companies. Email marketing has strong tools that allow you to track the email’s open rate, CTR, engagement and more. More importantly, running an email campaign is quite low-cost.

Your firm can use email marketing to target potential clients or appeal to clients to utilize your service again. Here are mistakes you are making in your email campaign that is not just costing you money but clients.

  1. No Personalization in the Subject Line

If you are not personalising your email, then your email is going to be considered generic and won’t even be opened.

test by MailChimp showed some interesting results.

FNAME, here represents the name. This example clearly shows that adding a name to the subject improves its open rate.

With automation, you can set a person’s name to appear in the subject line. This allows for easy open innovation.

  1. The Wrong Benefits to the Wrong Audience

Your email would contain the benefits or features of the service that you offer. For example, you might list down the services you offer such as recruitment, CXO search, training, and employee retention assistance.

However, what your email fails to do is present the benefits in context to your target audience. A big advantage with emailing is that you are able to create a target audience list. If you are able to segregate your target audience based on their industry and position, then you can do this better.

For example, if you are sending your email to entrepreneurs or HR managers in small businesses, your benefits needs to put things into perspective according to their needs. Small businesses biggest recruiting challenge is hiring and retaining people on salaries that cannot compete in the market. Your email should contain benefits that directly tackle issues such as stating that you have a robust recruitment process to that solves such challenges.

Send the right benefits to the right audience. If you are not, then you are not utilizing the advantage of targeted emails.

  1. No Offer or Urgency

You want to leave an offer that entices your audience. Just telling them your HR services isn’t enough for them to reach out to you. You have to give them a reason to make that effort and a good offer is a fantastic way to attract your audience.

What can you offer in your email?

  • Free HR Consultant session

  • Discounted training session

  • Access to a special report on employee retention

Make sure the offer has a design element such as a banner or a different font so that even if the readers scroll through the mail, it captures his attention.

An offer follows the foot-in-the-door method, which helps you in the final conversion of the reader.

  1. Failure to Follow-up

Didn’t get the response you hoped for? Don’t stop sending emails.

Here’s why you should continue sending emails even though you don’t get a reply.

  • Build Brand Recall: The more times you send your email across, the more times your audience is going to read your HR consultancy brand’s name.

  • Entice to open it: If they didn’t open it the first time, your future emails can build curiosity which eventually leads to them clicking on your email.

  • Push for a response: Even if they do open the email, there is no guarantee that they will reply to it.

  • Small Annoyance: Of all the mediums at your disposals, from calls to texts, emails cause the least annoyance, meaning you can send a number of emails without irking your audience.

You should have a drip email campaign set out for your audience so that if the first email does not work, the second or the fourth may succeed.

  1. Contains Many Exclamations and Adjectives

I’ve seen many emails with adjectives and exclamations stuffed in the subject line and the email body. It’s generic and I would call it lazy writing.

For example:

Subject: We solve your horrible recruitment problem in an amazing way! Find out how!

Throwing in adjectives and exclamations is an easy way to write. However, what if your subject line was this:

Time to deal with your recruitment drought and stop employees from leaving. Period.

This is an unlikely and generic subject line that will shake your audience into noticing your HR brand. This applies to your email body too.

Writing good email content does not require you to fill your message with adjectives and exclamations. That’s not the best way to convince your reader – that’s just easy writing.

Additionally, put too many exclamations and your email will go into spam.

  1. No-Reply or Contact Sent it

Did you send your emails from or If you did, then you made a big mistake.

It is vital for your audience to connect with a real person from your organization. This would preferably be an account manager. Your audience wants to connect with people, not no-reply or contact.

If you run a small organization with no dedicated account manager, there is a small trick you can use. Create an account manager email id even if you don’t have one. This way, you virtually create the impression that the reader is replying to living and breathing account manager.

  1. Talks only About the Services

A fine balance needs to be kept between the service and personalisation of the mail. Done wrong, your service may get too much or too less focus.

This Home Depot email talks plenty about itself, but at no point does it talk about the customer. You want to ensure that you talk about your audience, identify problems they have and how can help. Do no just shove your HR brand and services in their faces.

The purpose of your email is to serve the client and the organization, not to sell your HR services.

  1. Too Many Call to Actions

Your email is not complete without a call to action, however, having too many call to actions is worse than have none at all. It simply confuses your reader on what action to take and this leads to no action at all.

For example, you might ask your reader to:

  1. Reply to the email

  2. Click on a link

  3. Call you on a particular number

Sure, you are thinking that more ways of contacting your HR firm, the easier it will be for the reader to do so. However, your audience likes simple directions – point them in only one way so they don’t have to think on which method to pick.

  1. It’s Too Long

Regardless whether your audience is looking at the email on their phone or on a monitor, if it is too long, they are not going to read it completely. This can be problematic. When they don’t read it completely, they completely miss out on your call to action.

Your email should not be longer than 200 words.

Email marketing is a powerful medium for your firm. If you fail to capitalize on it, then the leads and your email database is a waste. If you are making these mistakes, then your email marketing is missing the target on several levels.

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