Some would say that email marketing is pointless, but as long people log onto their emails, it still holds relevance. Yet, a lot has changed from how you would send out a marketing email from a decade ago. Email marketing of 2014 has to be more personalized, conversational and still, manage to provide information to your readers. When it comes to adding videos and images, you have more options than before.

So what do you need to know about sending a marketing email?

Subject Line

The subject you type in will create the first impression about what your reader will expect inside. Hence, you need a subject line that convinces your reader to open the email. Avoid writing a very long email subject. A mobile phone will just show around 30 characters of the subject line, while a normal inbox will show 60 characters. There are many ways you can go about on writing a subject line. A good subject line is crisp, to the point and interesting to the reader. An article by MailChimp gives you good examples of email subject lines that work and don’t work.

You also will want to avoid punctuation since they often get tagged as spam.

Writing the Copy

Once your reader opens the mail, you have the opportunity to convince her. Your reader is not looking to read an article, so it needs to be short. It should be more than two paragraphs. You don’t want to beat around the bush in your email. Directly start with addressing your reader on what the subject line promises. If you don’t, your reader will closes the mail and consider it a spam.

You can use bold headlines to highlight important points that will interest your reader. Using bullet points is another great way to call attention to important details.

Personalize it

It is best to start the email by addressing your reader by her name. By using information on her personal interests, buying patterns and email behaviour, you can tailor the email for her. Make it a conversational email where you are speaking to them, rather than self-promotion.

Add a Call to Action

To really benefit out of your marketing email, you want to add a call to action. A call to action button may come in form on a URL or hyperlink that takes your reader to a landing page.  Don’t just throw the call to action button in. Ease it into your email. For example:

“If this offer interests you, find out more”

“To find out more on how you can save the earth, visit our site”.


Designing the Email

Rather than type the email in, you could add in a picture or infographic. This design should not be over half a page. A major mistake most marketing emails make is not considering that readers may view the email form a mobile device of varying sizes. To be safe, ensure that your email design doesn’t exceed 550 – 600 pixels. You want to have a good balance between images and text. Emails are getting more advanced and they have to be mobile optimised so that anyone can view it anywhere.

Emails are still a powerful marketing medium. You can create awareness, convert prospective leads, retain customers and create a relationship with your customers. By following these tips, you improve the power of your email.