Social media may have taken the internet by storm, but the use of email has been constant since its inception in the 90s. Internet users still need email services to send professional, work related mail or letters to relatives across the world or sending files and documents in collaboration projects. As long as email services have not died out, there will be a place for email marketing. In technical terms, email marketing refers to sending a commercial message to a group of people by use of electronic email.

Email marketing is simple, easy and at the click of a button you can send out millions of mails to potential customers.

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons why you should use this ancient internet tool.

Cost Effective

Unlike making hundreds of calls and sending text messages, the emailing world is still free. There is no charge to send any emails to any of your customers. At the most, you will have to spend for the content and hiring an agency to send out the mails.

Wide Reach

Almost everyone has an email id and throughout the internet, people give out their email ids freely. It is easy to build an email database compared to getting potential customers to part with their contact numbers. With social media, you can get their emails ids and with your website, you can convince potential customer to subscribe for your emails.

Target Audience

Using social media, you can find out which customers may be interested in your brand and get access to their email address. Also, through the feature of subscription you can communicate to a customer who is interested. You can split your email database based on the gender, location, etc. It is important your email gets to the right customer who may be interested in your brand.

Less Intrusive

Unlike internet, television or billboard advertisements, email marketing does not jump on the audience’s screen of vision. It does not force them to divert their attention and cause an annoyance to a potential customer. An email sits silently in the inbox with an interesting subject inviting a potential customer to open and read it. Because the potential customer does not feel pushed and feels more in control of her decision making, it improves that chances of your email’s call for action being followed.

Less Effort

For email marketing, you don’t need a room filled with marketing people making calls and texting customers. For email marketing, you need only one or two people to create the email and at of click a button, send it to hundreds of customers. In other words, you can do it yourself.

Monitor Effectiveness 

You can keep track of and measure the email campaign in detail through open-up, click-through and conversion rates tools. With these tools, you can easily measure how effective your email campaign was. This data is essential in improving your future email campaigns.

Content Customization

You can do a lot with the content by adding written matter, pictures and video links. This will be your greatest challenge.

Email marketing is not dead. This is a fantastic way to rekindle your relationship with customers. Today, most email marketing is sent off to spam, but if you create an email with an interesting subject and good quality content, you can find the inbox and capture the audience.

About The Author,

Ali Salman – Digital Marketing and Social Media Expert. Public Speaker and Entrepreneur. Co-Founder of Rapid Boost Marketing. Connect with him on twitter @CanadianLMPro and Linkedin