Black Friday is synonymous with thanksgiving shopping in November and is looked forward by plenty of shoppers in America. This year Black Friday was on 29th, November. It’s a week filled with promotional offers and discounts – every shoppers dream. It’s not just the retail stores that have picked up on Black Friday, even e-commerce business such as Ebay and Amazon have taken part. It is one of the busiest shopping periods during the year. In fact, Canadians near the border cross over into the US to take part in Black Friday! While retail stores may have been the ones to start Black Friday, it is the online markets that are fully benefiting from it and even outdoing retail sales.

Black Friday sales saw an increase of 20% of online sales in the market from last year. A record breaking $1 million was spent on Thanksgiving Day for online sales. Ebay sales increased by 35% compared to last year’s Black Friday. Amazon sales rose by 25%. According Adobe’s Digital Index Cyber, Monday sales totalled $2.29 billion this year.

The real power of online sales, this thanksgiving, arose from the mobile devices. “2013 is the year online went mobile,” stated Josh Anderson, the president and CEO of As much as 17% of the shoppers place their online orders from mobile devices during Black Friday. According to IBM that is an estimated 55% increase from last year.

As online shopping becomes easier, cheaper and more convenient, shoppers will move towards the cyber world. Though 90% of retail shopping still takes place within the brick wall of a shop, digital sales has shown that traditional retailers have to change their operations to be cyber friendly.

Black Friday is not just pushing up the sales for the cyber world, but increasing interaction between shoppers and e-commerce companies. Social media platforms were flooded with discussions on various sales by consumers. Even e-commerce companies increased their marketing on the digital medium to inform consumer of their latest offers.

So as an online retailer, what can you learn from Black Friday and the success of Ebay and Amazon?

–          You Beat the Lines: If you ever visit a retail store on Black Friday, you will see the great rush of customers hunting for products and standing in lines. As an online store, your customers don’t suffer from this. However, you have to make certain that your website can manage the incoming traffic and you have enough of stock for everyone.

–          Creating Excitement: There is a big excitement running through shoppers and they are hunting for deals that will benefit them. You have to make sure that they are informed of your Black Friday deals. Use social media aggressively so that people become aware of all you have to offer. A few days before Black Friday would be the perfect time to spend on social media advertisement.  Alter your website so as to include your brand in the celebration of thanksgiving.

–          Mobile Friendly: Your site has to be mobile friendly. Many customers will make purchases on the go from their mobile devices and your website needs to be easily accessible and manageable through a phone.

As an online retailer, you don’t offer waiting lines to your customers, they don’t have to bare the cold to shop and you are available anytime. These advantages work in your favour. Make the best of it!