Running a blog is quite an effective way to ensure that your website frequently produces fresh content and make them stay longer on the website.

However, if you want to up your SEO game and constantly get more traffic, you have to build a blog community that follows and shares your blogs. In more simplistic terms you need a captive audience who will not only read your content but they will also share it with their friends and family. 

Buuuuut, building a blog community is easier said than done! You need to learn more about your potential customers.

Often, business websites are isolated from their customers except when they want a service or product. Worse, their blogs get no views or comments. Essentially, the blog is dead in the water. You can’t allow this to happen to your blog.

Leverage it right by building a strong community who loves your content. Let me show you how you can do that.


Know the Blogging Community

Don’t be an estranged brand in the blogging community. Dive into the blogs that your competitors write and find bloggers with a large following that write regarding the industry/niche you’re in. If you want to build a blog community you have to reach out to the big and small bloggers. Follow their blogs, and whenever you have something to say about their post, write a comment.

This will also greatly help you understand the blogging community and what kind of blogs they like.


Build a Content Style

A blog gives you the opportunity to break away from the writing tone you’ve built on your website. You can give your blog a personal, funny or an authoritative voice. A first person voice is much better to pull a reader in than just a third person or omnipresent tone.

Write in a content style that your reader will like.


It’s got to be Top Quality Content

I can’t state this enough. If you’re not writing quality content, then you are not going to have people who will like to come back to your blog. What is quality content?

– It’s interesting, entertaining, informative and helpful

– Has no grammar errors

– The content is well-structured with enough white spaces

– Looping back to a pervious point, the content style should be likeable


Offer People to Follow the Blog

People don’t have time to come to your website every week or more in order to read your fresh content,  An important part of any online community is to offer them to follow your blog so they can get automatic updates about the new content. You can do this by allowing them to sign up for an email subscription or having an RSS feed option.


Ask them to Comment

Most readers rarely think of commenting on a blog (unless, of course, you have said something disagreeable, everyboooody wants to disagree!). Sometimes you just have to ask the reader to comment, and it doesn’t hurt either. The more comments you have, the better. It improves your SEO. Ensure you have a comment system that is integrate with a social media platform. Also, never leave a comment unanswered, reply to all of them – this is you interacting with your blogging community.


Offer them similar content

Get them to discover the rest of your blog. At the end of your blog post, you can offer a range of similar blogs posts with the same tag. This way, the visitor can discover more about the blog.


Leverage it on Social Media

Social media is a very powerful medium to build a community and get your blog to the users. For this to work, you have to be active on social media and build your brand’s network. Blog posts provide great content, and by posting blog links and snippets, you can attract readers to your site.


Promote your Blog

Don’t keep your blog hidden. If you offer a service or product, people will only visit your site when they’re in need of it. However, a blog, that is interesting to read and offers helpful advice, is something your readers will always want to check out.

You just have to make people aware that you run a blog on your website. Your web design has to highlight the blog, while in the offline world, you should make people aware that you have a blog. Add it on your contact cards, stationary items, menu and fliers. Make people aware!


Blog Frequently

Don’t be like – I dooon’t feeeeel likkkeee blooooggging toooday. Dude, that’s just lazy and as a business, you can’t afford to be lazy.

Ensure that you’re blogging as frequent as possible. The minimum is – at least once every week. You need to build recall with your blogging community and frequent blogs do just that.

When I was a kid, I decided it’s time to read a book. So I decided to join the library, knowing little about the world and community I would jump into. It took me time to discover this world, but when I finally immersed myself into it, the benefits were immense.

Similarly, building a blogging community is not a cake walk. It requires some hard ground work and you have to give it time. But the traffic and followers you get will improve your SEO rank substantially.