Are you giving too much focus to your search volume for your keyword optimization? Depending on how much is too much, you may be doing the wrong thing and hurting your SEO rank. Even some marketing professionals still use it as their go-to metrics to find keywords that work. But, the fact is that Google has grown much smarter to better cater to their users. So why bring all this up? Why bother? Well, because today you need to focus more on quality rather than volume alone and this links directly to how you treat your SEO strategy.


Don't give search volume more attention

Here are four things which deserve more attention than search volume metrics.

Conversation Rates

Imagine if you have 100 people visiting your site from a keyword, but only 1 person gets converted. The question to ask is does it matter if a 100 users visited your site when none converted?

The purpose of SEO, and this is missed by many when executing a SEO campaign, is to not just attract customers, but attract customers who are relevant and interested in what you offer.


Search volume metrics will present you many keywords options, but how many of them are relevant to your business? Rather, think on the lines of how likely are you to rank and convert the keywords you select? These keywords must be compatible for your business.

Take a look at the content, services and products on your website. Your keywords need to connect with them. The keywords you use and the words frequently appearing on your website cannot be different.

For example, your PPC ads are focused on the keywords ‘analytic software’ but ‘CRM’ is the word splattered across your website. Google won’t be able to co-relate these two and a user who visits your website won’t get converted because they are looking for an analytic software, not a CRM.

User Experience

A high bounce rate doesn’t help your SEO rank, even if you get high traffic. If you stay at it long enough, your traffic will fall. The problem lies in the user experience of your website. It is not adequate enough for your user to stay on the site. It could happen because:

– Your Website Design is terrible

A website design that is not fluid, responsive and carries a ’90s look is not at all appealing to a visitor.

– You are not giving what they clicked on

If a visitor clicks on your PPC advertisement for a discounted marketing software and your link takes him to your software product page, he is not going to waste another second hunting for the discounted marketing software.

– Your Content is Wrong

Often there is so much focus on SEO optimization that the content on the website is horrible. It is hard to read, filled with typos and has irrelevant content.

Aim to create an easy and informative experience for your visitor.

Content for Your Visitor

Lastly, create content that your visitor wants. Think about the visitors you want to attract – what are their interests and what problems do they face? Create content accordingly.

For example, a digital document management website would have content on how to make an office paperless, how it would help a business run better, the features their software offers, etc. This is because the visitors are business leaders looking for help in managing documents digitally.

Don’t get sucked into the metrics of search volume, there are others elements that help boost your SEO and you need to focus on them too!