Desktop PPC is the most common form of online advertising on a search engine. A lot of businesses do it, and a lot of businesses ignore mobile PPC ads. In fact, ask the marketers around you and you’ll find many who ignore mobile PPC ads.

Why does this happen? Simply, because this is not something many think about and it’s a trend that still has to pick up with the rest of the marketing world.

Disruptive advertising at its best and no, I don't want a children investment plan!

Disruptive advertising at its best and no, I don’t want a children investment plan!

The fact is that most people, including me, think that mobile advertisement is disruptive. It either appears while you’re using an app or appears as a notification. Mobile PPC stands out from this. It answers a user’s query while blending in with the search results.

A Google PPC ad that blends in, and answers a query

Why Should You Bother?

If you’re not tapping into the mobile market, you’re missing out on a massive chunk of potential audience. A Google study does its best to highlight the importance of the mobile web for business.

  • An average mobile user spends more than 7 hours on the web.
  • 74% of mobile consumers frequently use their device to conduct searches online.
  • 93% of users who utilize their mobiles for research go on to make a purchase.
  • 71% of them use the mobile search engine to find a store

More and more people are going to turn to their phones for information and searches simply because it is much more convenient to access a phone than any other device. Plus, you can do it at any location since the smartphone has great portability.

It’s Effective

Not Disruptive

A mobile PPC ad blends in with the results and does nothing to standout and scream – ‘Advertisement!’ Even the yellow bubble that has ‘AD’ written is miniature on the screen of a mobile. It’s only noticeable if a user gives it a thorough look.

Have to Look at it

4-5 inches of screen can only present one or two result links. This means that your ad is not going to be skipped over. The mobile user is going to stare right at it and give it a read.

Better Geo-optimization

Google accounts for a person’s geo-location and using a smartphone’s GPS, it is able to provide very accurate data.

Answer the Query

If your mobile PPC ad copy provides the answer he’s looking for, then he is going to click on it. A user will, as much as possible, avoid scrolling down, hunting for the answer and will prefer to click on the first link – that will be your ad.

If anything, mobile PPC ads are even more effective than a desktop ad.

Set up a Mobile PPC Ad

AdWords is a nifty tool to help you set up and run a PPC campaign. If you haven’t noticed, it also allows you to optimize your campaign to mobiles.

Mobile Bids

Under your Settings tab of AdWords, select 'Devices'. Here, you will be able to set mobile bid adjustment.

Under your Settings tab of AdWords, select ‘Devices’. Here, you will be able to set mobile bid adjustment.


Create Mobile Optimized Ad


Mobile paid media ads

You can have the same PPC ad showing on a desktop and mobile, you just have to get it mobile optimized. This can be done by clicking on ‘Device Preference’ when you’re creating the ad.


Google also gives you the option of creating a PPC ad solely for a mobile. This will allow you to write a more effective copy to mobile user.

Craft an Effective Mobile PPC

Short, informative and a call to action – these are the three elements that a mobile PPC should have. Your description shouldn’t be more than 60 characters, so that it easily fits on the mobile screen, and the ad title shouldn’t be more than 3-4 words. The shorter it is, the quicker the read and the better for your mobile reader.

On the whole, the basic concept for running a desktop PPC and a mobile PPC ad is the same, the only difference is the length.

Mobile PPC is a powerful medium so don’t skip it out. In the future, mobiles will dominate the online world and desktops will fade away from prominence. So next time you are running a PPC campaign, don’t forget to include mobiles, too.