Ep # 53


“…marketing campaigns that inform potential clients of the real-world threats that your company’s can alleviate should be accompanied immediately in time by clear, specific, effective steps they can take to reduce the danger or repercussions.”


Why use fear in marketing? Because potential customers have:

  • Fear of future threat
  • Fear of missing out
  • Fear of losing something

There is a study done by Kim Witte from Michigan State University in which it was explained that:

  • The potential customer has to  feel he or she is at risk
  • The potential customer needs to believe preventative action is simple
  • The threat or fear has to be moderate or high

Goal: Create anxiety and fear and then show them how to reduce it (your solution)

But remember:

Too Mild: It’s ineffective

Too Strong: They will black you out


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In-depth experiments done by Marketingexperiments.com

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