If you do not know your online audience, then your online marketing and SEO strategies will fail. It is as simple as that. There are many business leaders who dive into marketing their product with assumptions on who their customer is. You can’t afford to make that mistake. Just as a shop store is the best place to get to know your customers, so is your business’s website. Tools like Google Analytics are fantastic at tracking who is visiting your website, how they came across it, what they are looking for, etc.


knowing your audience in edmonton

Knowing your audience will give enable you to create SEO, online and social media strategies that specifically target and appeal to them.

Here’s what to look out for in your analytical tools.


Know the age group and geographic location of people visiting your website. The age group tells you the purchasing power of your audience, and this way, you can put up offers that fit their budget. Additionally, if you are a local website, you need a large number of visitors who are from same town or city.

SEO Query Reports

An SEO query report will tell you what questions your audience is typing in the search box before finding your website. Using this information, you can build your content around these search queries and improve your reach with the customers.


The right keywords in your SEO strategies will find its mark with the right audience. Hence you need to know what keywords your audience uses. There are two types of keywords to look out for – informational and intentional keywords. Informational keywords are simple and specific like – ‘How to improve my SEO?’ Intentional keywords carry clear intentions behind them like ‘Best place to buy a cycle’.

An analytical tool will tell you the keywords through which your audience has found your website. You should also further understand the buying process of your audience to tap into the right keywords.

What products and content do they like?

Take a look at the pages that have the highest number of visitors and low bounce rates. These pages could be of products or content you have written. It is a clear indication that your audience is demanding those types of products or content.

Stay Tuned to Social Media

Maintaining a presence on social media gives you insights into what your audience is thinking about. You need to spend fifteen minutes daily going through various posts. This is a fantastic way to listen to the audience. Accordingly, you can tap into your audience better.

Mobile Data

You will find more and more customers accessing your website through the phone. Mobile data will tell you the operating system they are using and other details. This will come in handy if you have a mobile optimization plan.

Conduct Surveys

If you are looking for more direct ways to know and understand your audience, you can use a survey. A survey is great if you are thinking about introducing a new product or service and want the thoughts of your customers. You can have an email survey where you mail it out to them or you can have a pop-up survey on the site, requesting your customers to take a minute and fill it in.

All of this information is extremely vital if your SEO strategy is going to succeed. So keep track of your analytical tools and ensure you are always aware of who your audience is.