CRO and SEO are quite simply two different animals. CRO or Conversion Rate Optimization is focused on improving the conversions on your website leading to more lead or sales. SEO, or search engine optimization, on the other hand, focuses on getting your page listed on search engine results to gain organic traffic.

In the most ideal of scenarios, you should focus on both CRO and SEO. However, in reality, most businesses focus on SEO for the sole reason of getting traffic.

When you give CRO a Miss

An example is always best to explain things. Backlinko published a high quality post called, “How to Get High Quality Backlinks (Without Guest Posting)“. The post was filled with unique and insightful information. The link got a top SEO rank and appeared on the first page of a Google search result.

Great, right? Expect the search query that he got top SEO rank for was – “How to get high”.

The ranking was #6. Then it dropped to #14, #25, #33 until it got lost in the pages further than that.

There are 3 takeaways from this.

  1. Getting a high SEO rank is not sufficient

  2. The reason the link kept dropping its SEO rank is because Google understood that the link was not answering the query

  3. None of the visitors converted

If you tune your CRO and SEO together, then such a scenario will not happen.

There’s No Such Thing as Free Content

Content marketing is key to getting listed on search engines. You need to offer unique information to your audience, something only you, an expert in your field, can give.

However, you should not give out that information for free. That does not mean you charge your visitors to read your content. If you do that, you will find a fall in your traffic and increase in your bounce rate because your audience is not willing to pay.

Rather, cause a little inconvenience for your customers. Throw up a pop up asking them to register for your newsletter or event. At the end of the post, ask them to check out a service or product page that they might be interested in.

It may cause a bit of an inconvenience, but the people reading the post may be interested in a service or product you offer. All you have to do is ask.

When MOZ started, it produced high quality content with the intent of getting readers to convert and purchase their products. However, it simply didn’t work out like that. Readers consumed the information and left the page. So, MOZ created landing pages dedicated to driving conversions and linked them to the relevant blog posts.

Right Keywords, Right Audience

Whenever you keyword optimize your site, ensure that you have the right keyword. Don’t assume, don’t think – BE SURE.

The reason Backlinko’s post went for a toss and appeared to the wrong audience is simply because of the wrong keyword usage. Google focused on the first four words of the title. While Backlinko did not change the post title, it did several other things such as including the term ‘high quality backlinks’ in the URL, peppering the post with ‘high quality backlinks’ keywords, and adding the term ‘high quality backlinks’ in the backend.

Ensure that the keywords you use get you the right audience. The best way to do so is run a search yourself.

Get CRO into Action

Ensure that your home page and landing pages are CRO optimized. What does this include?

A/B Testing

A large part of CRO is going to involve A/B testing. A/B testing is a key method to know which copy, image, design element and more works with your audience.

Call to Action Button

The call to action button is the biggest aspect of converting visitors. Where you place it, what copy it has and its color play a big role in whether it will be clicked on or not. Make sure the color is bright and instantly attracts your visitors eyes. You don’t want it right at the end of your page because your visitors may not scroll right to the bottom.

Sales Funnel

The moment your visitors are on your site, they are part of your sales funnel. You want to ensure they find the information they’re searching for and are directed to your service or product page.

Ensure you have a fluid sales funnel so that visitors discover all that you offer.


Content has to be delivered right. Get straight to the point as visitors are weary of spam sites. The content should guide your readers through the page. Communicate right, have the right build up and get them in the right mindset to click on the call to action button.

While SEO will get you the traffic, CRO will get you the conversion – don’t miss out on it. A marriage of both, together, is the most effective way to utilize your presence online.