Here are some tools you should have in your arsenal to help you with content marketing:


Bottlenose provides you intelligent social media insight which is real time. It aggregates what is trending across major social media platforms. Bottlenose makes use of natural language processing, sentiment analysis, statistical algorithms, data mining and machine learning heuristics. These kinds of tools ensure that it is able to swiftly identify what is gaining popularity across social platforms. You can follow topics related to your business and keep track of content to watch out for.

With Bottlenose’s dashboard you can easily identify hashtags, links, people, messages, topics and pages that are related to your business. Bottlenose is really fantastic at identifying potential influential topics. This way you can create content on it too.


While Google Alerts has been effective in tracking content across the net, Mention shines when it comes to content on social media. The tool helps you keep watch of specified keywords. You can also directly connect with Facebook and Twitter accounts, though this feature isn’t as robust as Hootsuite or TweetDeck.

Mention works great on smartphones and allows you to constantly get updates without fail.


With Buffer, no more will you waste time on copy pasting the content on every social media platform. It allows you to directly post up content on a variety of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. from the same platform. Your social media becomes more efficient. However, the tool is not free and small businesses are charged $50 a month.


Feedly is the ultimate place to find the most viral and trending content. With Google Reader dead, Feedly emerged as that one stop spot to read amazing content. Feedly has an interactive interface which is easy to use. It aggregates all the popular content available online. By following topics, you keep track of the content that is important for your business.  This is a tool that keeps you updated on industry trends, content put by your competitors and any other latest happenings – all from a single portal.

Feedly is the modern day version of a RSS reader.

By using these tools, you can greatly enhance your social media strategy with great content that clicks and is liked by the audience out there.