There are plenty of bloggers in the sea and it’s easy to sink into the depths. Crafting awesome content is the first step to getting attention for your blog. Here are 11 points you should be aware of when starting your blog.

1.      Make a Magnetic Headline

Whether it is through social media or SEO strategies, the first thing a user will see is your post’s title. A title immediately captures your readers attention, it is your blog’s first impression.

2.      Start with a Bang

The opening paragraph sets the tone of your post and a reader will decide if your post is worth reading or not. Write in a manner which can pull your reader in. Use suspense, throw in tit-bits of interesting information, but don’t reveal all. This will convince your reader to read on.

3.      Be Persuasive

Certain words are more persuasive than others and have more power over audiences. Using ‘you’, ‘new’, ‘instantly’ are common words to get a reader to your side. Understand why they are persuasive and you will be able to use them well.

4.      Constructing Good Sentence

Crafting good read sentences is an art. Learn to start writing great sentence. They don’t have to say a lot, but they need to say the right things. Give yourself time to come to such a level. If you’re not satisfied with a sentence, re-write it until you get a great one.

5.      Insert Bullet Points

One of the best ways to give information in a blog post is to use bullet points. It prevents your article from becoming long winding and gives your reader a better reading experience. It enables your reader to just read the information and avoid the meat in your article.

6.      Use Subtitles

If you are crafting an extremely long blog post, break the post into sections with subtitles. Not only does it give a break in text, but it also allows the reader to swiftly shift to a particular subtopic he is interested in.

7.      Tell a Story

Nothing drags a reader into an article than a well written story. Present a character, fictional or real, whom your reader can relate to. Don’t just have this character in the beginning of your article, but keep mentioning him throughout the article

8.      Internal Cliffhangers

Cliffhangers are the best ways to keep a reader hooked to your content. Every time you finish a paragraph or a subtopic, add a mention of the upcoming one so they want to continue reading through your site.

9.      Using Images and Videos

Don’t just rely on words to communicate in your blog post. Adding multimedia provides a break to the text so your reader does not get bored. The pictures should be relevant and bring a visual bang to your post.

10.  Conclude Well

Whether it is an informative article or a fictional one, it would be terrible to leave your readers hanging. Have a conclusion to the character you introduced or give a call to action.


11.  Be Yourself

Write your ideas and thoughts. Bring out your style of writing. Your readers want to read to enjoy your ideas and style of writing, not something you ripped off from the internet. If something has given you inspiration, put it down as reference.