Local small and medium sized businesses have to win their competition locally. Content Marketing is one of the best strategies you can apply to reach your target audience who you can built a strong relationships with, and eventually turn them into RAVING FANS or BRAND AMBASSADORS. Content Marketing is becoming more and more important, and it is one of the most under utilized marketing tool by local businesses.

Online media experts often say that content is king and it is the heart of online success. If we try to look what actually makes content so relevant when it comes to online presence, there are alot of studies out there on how good content drives sales. We turn to internet to seek information, and that information is generated by  someone we trust and we go and read. All this information is shared and read according to it’s relevancy and quality of the information. As Social beings we always seek information which is driven by our curiosity and we want to learn, grow, experiment, try new things and make better decisions. Your Local business can help these local consumers getting this information and becoming a trusted authority locally who people can go to seek information. For example: A Mortgage Broker can be a trusted community adviser on Mortgage related information or interest rates.

Local businesses are in great position to provide relevant local information about their industry, services, or products. No one can better understand the consumer demographics then the local businesses themselves and there is a trust element between the area residents and businesses. Local businesses can also leverage from distributing their content to local media, magazines, directories and other mediums to reach out to people within 5-10-20 Km’s radius. Content can also be distributed through various other platforms like: Blogs, Infographics, Podcasts, E-Books, Whitepapers, Guides, Case Studies, Videos etc. Content should be relevant but also, compelling content not only help you drive engagement but it also closes sales.

How Does It Works?

Now we know how important it is, and why you need to be doing content marketing for your local business. But how does it work. Let’s see what is important; Trust and authority are 2 things which people look for. Authority gives you credibility in your area of specialty. Like a local Real Estate Agent writing a blog about local rest estate market and people in that area trust his opinion.  The information you provide should be trustworthy and a good advice. This will make your business become a local authority and this kind of marketing will help you immensely with Local SEO (Showing up on Google, Bing or other search engines).

Google, Bing, and other search engines look for local authorities who provide good and relevant information. With Google bringing AuthorRank, which gives business owners and workers an opportunity to win over National brands at the street level. By claiming their niche and providing content from people who work at their business for people who give them business.

3 Most Used Content Marketing Tactics:

Social Media

Social media platforms are the most common medium local businesses publish their content. In Canada over 80% of population is on Facebook and other social networking platforms. Canada is said to be the most engaged country in the world. By taking all this consideration, also the smartphone and tablet adaption will really drive local SEO to new levels. Social Media will be key as to how search engines index your website in future.

– Blogs

Blogs are a great medium to claim your local niche and connect with people at personal level. Alot of local businesses do an amazing job engaging consumers on their blogs. They also promote their sales, events, new product launches, new services or anything exciting about their business with local consumers on their blogs. 78% of people prefer to get information through articles rather than advertisement. 

– Videos

Only social sharing network after Facebook with over 1 billion users is youtube. Also there are other fast growing video platforms with active audience. Canadians watch over 295 videos per user per month. There are numerous examples in metro Toronto and Vancouver areas where businesses engage and give out information through videos. You can pack alot of useful content in 2 minute video which can not only give useful information, but also engages the consumer and helps them to make better choices.

Local SEO gives you HIGH return on investment. Which is driven by quality content

Be Different or Close the Shop

61% of consumers researched said that they will buy from local companies who provide custom content. Which means that they want particular information which is useful and accurate. With over 3 billion searches per day on search engines you have to make sure that your local Canadian business is found online and content marketing is one of the best ways to get there.