SEO Guide For Plumbers and HVAC Companies

In today’s world, every business out there wishes to make a remarkable online presence. This is the reason why they want their name to appear on the top whenever a searcher looks for businesses like them. This is where search engine optimization (SEO) comes into existence. Talking about plumbing and HVAC companies, there are countless of them in Canada. So how do you put them all behind and become the first option and choice for your online audience? Successful SEO tactics will help you achieve that.

SEO services assist you to optimize your plumbing business, especially locally in your location. Using the right SEO techniques, your website is optimized better online and receives many customers to access your service. Even though having a greater internet presence is significant, other aspects are also available, which make SEO crucial for your plumbing business. So without wasting any time, let us directly move on to some tried and tested SEO tips for plumbers and HVAC companies.

SEO Process

Design the Best Website

The most important of all the SEO tips for plumbers and HVAC companies is to have a perfect website that your existing and potential customers can look at. Now it’s easy to think your website only needs the following pages.

– Home

– About

– Services

– Contact

Your website structure can be broken down into many pages to capture more long-tail keywords, for example, if you are a heating maintenance contractor your services can be broken down into separate pages as follows:

– Boiler repairs

– Boiler installations

– Boiler servicing

– Gas safety inspections

– Boiler types

– Heating repairs

– Furnace repairs

– Air conditioner services

– Radiator repairs

– Boiler guide

– 24-hour boiler emergencies

It may seem like a lot of pages, but it is essential to have subpages and do further keyword research and add good quality and engaging content for the user. Then optimize these pages using the keywords in the URL, title and header tags. This will help for better ranking on search engines for each of the keywords and the services. So, a site structure can look like this, this can be broken down even further pages by doing keyword and competition research.

Optimize GMB

Claim and Optimize GMB

One of the best SEO tips for plumbers and HVAC companies is the creation and optimization of your Google My Business (GMB) Page. Setting up a Google My Business is easy and should only take a matter of 5 minutes. This is important for showing up in the ‘map-pack’ part of Google. If your page does not already exist, set up a new page for your plumbing business, optimize this page by including as many details as possible and verify your page. If you haven’t already created a Google My Business page – here’s how you do it:

– Go to Google My Business.

– Click: ‘Start Now’.

– Follow the onscreen instructions.

– You will be sent a verification code via the post in 3 – 4 days.

– Once you have got this code, verify your page and your good to go.

That’s it. You’re all set up and ready to go. Make sure that you include a good business description, lots of photos of your work and logo, all the relevant business information and try to get as many reviews as possible on your page. This all increases the chances of your page being displayed higher in Google and the likability of someone going to click through to your website. Do the following things for optimizing your listing:

– Company logo

– Business address

– Opening hours

– Website link

– Phone number

– Email address

– Company mission

– Company description

– Areas you cover

– Images of your work

– List your services

– Categorize pictures of the team

Google Business Page

After creating your Google business page, verification of your plumbing business’s physical address will be required by receiving a postcard from Google with a pin/code.

Work on On-page SEO

use the keywords from your keyword research to optimize your website’s homepage, service pages, blog pages, and more. Here are the steps for optimizing the on-page elements of your webpage for your chosen keywords:

Optimize the URL Structure

It is best to have short, keyword-rich URLs. Use lowercase letters and dashes rather than underscores when writing URLs. A sample service page for drain repair and clog removal might be something like:

Optimize the Title Tag

The title tag is one of the strongest factors in search engine rankings. It should include the primary target keyword or key phrase. Title tags should be less than 65 characters in length in order for them to display correctly in search engine results pages. A sample format for the homepage of a plumbing business would be:

Plumbers in [Your City] | [Name of Your Business]

Optimize the Meta Description

The meta description is a slightly longer description that provides a bit more information about the main focus of a webpage. The meta description should be less than 156 characters to ensure it displays correctly in the search engine results pages. It should accurately summarize the content of the webpage, include the primary keyword, and end with a call-to-action (when relevant). This meta description format works well:

[Name of Business] provides the best [plumbing services] in [your city]. Contact us today for a discount on your first service!

Optimize the H1 Heading

The H1 heading should appear near the top of the webpage and state the overall topic or title of the page. There should only be one H1 heading per page and it should include the primary keyword or key phrase. A good format for a plumbing webpage H1 heading would be:

[Plumbers] in [City, State]

Optimize the Body Content

The body copy on each page of your site should be over 400 words and be thorough in its coverage of the topic you are conveying. The homepage copy should provide background information about your business including the services offered, mention the city the business is located in, and end with a call-to-action that will spur visitors to contact you. The primary keyword should be included in the first paragraph of the body content and variants of that keyword should appear one or two times in the rest of the copy. Be sure to include a contact form or a call-to-action (with a phone number or email address) at the bottom of each page, as this will increase the number of phone calls and email contacts you receive from people looking for your services.

Optimize the Alt Text of Images on the Page

Images are a quality signal for search engines. Each page should include at least one image. The alternative text attribute of an image (aka “alt text” or “alt tag”) appears in the HTML of the page and is a brief description of what appears in the image. It is best to have at least one image per page with alternative text that includes the primary keyword.

Let Social Media Work for You

Today, social media is one of the popular platforms to share information easily and make to reach the audience at lesser time, and social media marketing is an exceptional component of today’s marketing mix. Several ways exist to improve your service in social networking. You post related content at any time, you should not stop posting content. For posting any content on the social networking you have to create an account in some social accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. If you post the content in a different format and various styles the viewers are more likely to see the post and they can respond you post. It helps get exceptional advice for plumbing service and create a good profile for your plumbing service faster. After seeing your posts on the plumbing service most of the followers exist in your social account. You can find some helpful tips and tricks to fulfil queries from the users. In the plumbing industry, you can create plumber hashtag in your comfortable way. By using some tools you can get excellent support for your business. The hashtag is the finest option to get some real-life experience in plumbing. It helps to create the right relationship with your service that makes your client feel something fruitful. Twitter conversation help to improve follower rate and competitors in the industry. People can choose professional plumbers from online to rescue your property by experts.

Social Media Work for You

One of the most helping SEO tips for plumbers and HVAC companies for boosting the site to the top of Google is having a good backlink and citation strategy. A citation is a mention of your business information on a directory across the internet. This is important as the more places you are mentioned, the more Google recognizes you as a proper business and will increase your rankings. We recommend getting your business featured on (at least) the following sites:

– Locanto

– Yelp

– Scoot

– Free Index

– Hot Frog

Firstly, make sure you keep all of your information is the same across all of your directory listings, just as your GMB listing. Next, make sure you always add a link back to your plumbing business’s website. Lastly, try to add images if the directory allows you – this makes you look a lot more professional.

The next part of this step is backlinks.

A backlink is similar to a citation; however, it is a mention on somebody else’s website rather than a directory. Whether that is a blog, a plumbing news website or any other website that will provide a link back to your website. The more links you have, the more Google trusts your site and the higher you will rank.

So, how do you get these backlinks exactly? It’s called the magic of a blog. A blog is a very important asset to many businesses. If you are wondering what you should write about, the answer is everything about plumbing and HVAC services. You can write guides, tips and tricks, latest industry news, DIY advice, How-tos, myth busts, mistakes, and a lot more. Whatever you write, keep it short and sweet (around 500 – 1000 words will do) and post regularly. If your content is interesting and helpful, people will start linking to your articles naturally – which is great!

If you think regular content creation is a big task for you and that it will take away your attention from your core business, outsource content creation to us. We are a full-service digital marketing company excelling in content majorly.

Getting Citations and Backlinks

Conduct Website Audits

It is always required to improve your website’s health, and hence it is necessary to regularly check your site for errors and improvements. Here is a simple checklist of errors you might have that are affecting your position on the search engine result pages.

Crawl errors:

This error occurs when any search engine tries to reach a page of your website but fails to reach it.

XML Sitemap:

It is the potential file that holds a complete list of page URLs along with some additional information.

Robot.txt file:

This is the file that instructs the search engine crawler not to crawl certain files.

Toxic links:

Potential harmful links pointing to the website that are unnatural and unsecure.

Page load speed:

The loading speed of the page must be minimized to improve the session timing.

Duplicate titles, descriptions, and headers:

Avoid duplication of titles, descriptions, and headers.

Broken links:

Adding incomplete URLs in the text or changing the URL address without updating the URL, can create a broken link. Such links should be redirected to appropriate pages of the website.

There are various platforms or tools available to perform technical SEO audits, like or, that provide a detailed report on improvements, which help you understand what could be damaging your website ranking.

Website Audits

Improve User Experience

User experience plays a significant role when it comes to SEO tips for plumbers and HVAC companies. You can get tons of traffic through to your website, but an essential factor is to make sure it converts! Hence utmost care must be taken when serving for user experience. Look at your website from an outsider perspective, does your plumbing website have?

– Unique selling points (what makes you different from the competition)

– Reviews (do you have reviews from good sources like Checkatrade, Trustatrader & Google Business)

– Does the website build trust on the first visit?

– Is it forcing people to take action to either call or submit their email or number

– Is the number displayed clearly?

– Is the website mobile responsive – (Check if the website is mobile responsive)

– Is the site fast and not taking ages to load? (check website speed)

These are all factors to consider and fix if there is an issue. And you should check your website from time to time to ensure that all these points are ticked off regularly. This will ensure that your plumbing website is always in the best shape.

Analyze Regularly

Analyzing the traffic on Google Analytics and Search Console is one of the crucial SEO tips for plumbers and HVAC companies that give to all our clients in this industry. SEO does not happen overnight, but within the first few months, you will notice a dramatic increase in organic traffic if the steps have been implemented correctly. Google Analytics will break down how many new and returning visitors you are getting. Also, you will need to install Google Search Console to find out what people are typing into the search engines to find your website.

– Set up Google Analytics

– Set up Google Search Console

Analytics helps you provide the referral links you have received. It also helps you understand the audience like; segmenting the audience according to gender, geographic, sources, page views, session time, bounce rate. This data enables you to understand which blog post is getting more viewers and help understanding user psychology regarding their areas of interest and provide us with a base to create valuable SEO strategies. Make sure you analyze the performance of all your blog posts or any other type of content you put up. This will help you understand what’s working well for you and what isn’t. Accordingly, you can tweak your marketing efforts and try out some other SEO tips for plumbers and HVAC companies.

Want to grow your plumbing and HVAC business? We can help you reach more customers using the latest digital marketing techniques. We specialize in plumbing and HVAC SEO and can help you take your business to the next level. All you need to do is get in touch with us and explain what you are looking for.